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The first Yokohama-shi people protection meeting holding result

Last update date September 21, 2018

On 1 date
Thursday, March 9, 2006 10:30 a.m. - 11:10 a.m.

2 holding places
Yokohama-shi skill the second floor of the Cultural Center multi-purpose hall

3 attendants
Chairperson (the mayor) and committee member (50)
※ According to the attendance situation of attached sheet committee member (PDF: 105KB)

4 holding forms
Publicly (four hearers)

5 Minutes (PDF: 98KB)

6 distribution materials
(1) jidai (PDF: 45KB)
(2) Yokohama-shi people protection meeting committee member, secretary list (as of March 9, 2006) (PDF: 117KB)
(3) Meeting materials
Material (PDF: 877KB) 1-1 Yokohama-shi people protection meeting administration summary (plan)
The 1-2 Yokohama-shi people protection meeting regulations
The regulations about exhibition of information that 1-3 Yokohama-shi holds
Summary about exhibition of meetings such as the 1-4 Yokohama-shi council
Material 2 (PDF: 14KB) question book (copying)
About material 3 (PDF: 487KB) Yokohama-shi people protection plans
Big picture of 3-1 legal framework for war contingencies system
Summary of 3-2 nation protection law
Systems of plan about protection of the 3-3 nation
About 3-4 Kanagawa people protection plan (plan)
About 3-5 nation protection models plan
Schedule (plan) for 3-6 Yokohama-shi people protection plan development

(4) Reference materials
Kanagawa people protection plan (plan) (Kanagawa)
The municipalities people protection model plan (the Fire and Disaster Management Agency people protection room)

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