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Kumamoto earthquake related information

Last update date September 19, 2020

About approach of Yokohama-shi for earthquake centering on the 2016 Kumamoto, Kumamoto district

In Yokohama-shi disaster support task force, we perform various support toward speedy restoration, revival of affected areas.

Please contact the municipalities which lived before evacuation

In the municipalities in Kumamoto, we push forward grasp of information of place of refuge of various places evacuated to to other municipalities. Please contact the municipalities (the municipalities of origin of evacuation with resident certificate) which lived before evacuation.
Contact window of the evacuation former municipalities, please identify "to all of you evacuated to from Kumamoto in 2016 by Kumamoto earthquake".

About acceptance of people suffered from

We contribute Municipal Housing and Yokohama City Housing Supply Corporation lease house to people who were not able to live in and house where house was lost by earthquake occurrence.
※Acceptance was finished.

About extension of deadline for payment of taxpayer having Address in Kumamoto

In time limits such as report, payment about city tax of taxpayer who had Address in Kumamoto, we extended about time limit to come after April 14, 2016, but set deadlines for report on November 15 in deadline of the delivery on September 2 (we appointed all the time limits for extension such as deadlines for report of city tax to affect Kumamoto earthquake in 2016.) .
The details, please confirm "news about city tax to affect Kumamoto earthquake in 2016".
As reprieved system includes reduction of taxes or the collection, by disaster, please consult about person who came to have difficulty in tax payment. Consultation counters are different for each items of taxation. Please confirm "information for tax practice window".

About acceptance of urgent evacuation elementary school student student caused by Kumamoto earthquake

When it is evacuated to Yokohama-shi by affected areas without moving, elementary school student students of disaster area accepts resident certificate at Yokohama Municipal Elementary Schools, junior high school.
The details, please confirm "about attendance at school of urgent evacuation elementary school student student caused by Kumamoto earthquake".

About issuance of library card to person suffered from by Kumamoto earthquake

It is suffered from Kumamoto earthquake and issues library card to use Yokohama City Library in taken shelter in Yokohama-shi.
The details, please confirm "about issuance of library card to person suffered from by Kumamoto earthquake".

About financial support system to Yokohama City University current student

We perform economical support such as payment of disaster ex gratia payment or reduction of taxes of the tuition for studies continuation support for current student who suffered in Yokohama City University.
The details, please identify "information for financial support system (the outside site) (they change to the outside site) toward the current student damaged by Kumamoto earthquake".

About Vaccinations to refugee of child

By Kumamoto earthquake, we can receive Vaccinations of child evacuated to in Yokohama-shi free.
The details, please identify "(PDF: 259KB) about Vaccinations to refugee of child who evacuated to Yokohama-shi by Kumamoto earthquake in 2016".
On consultation, please connect with "Health and Welfare Center" of ward to live.

About reduction of taxes of water rate

Among person who evacuates in Yokohama-shi, and is lived in in public housings by Kumamoto earthquake, household where it was suffered and is lived together, we remit water rate, sewerage system usage fee.
※Acceptance was finished.

Other consultation

In Yokohama-shi, we heard consultation about the next contents. For details, please consult with department in charge of ward office of ward to live from the following link.

About donation

We carried out "the Yokohama-shi Kumamoto earthquake fund-raising" in Yokohama-shi. (acceptance was finished on June 30)
We sincerely offer my gratitude for all of you who had donation approach.
Count result of donation, please identify "(PDF: 137KB) about count result" of "Yokohama-shi Kumamoto earthquake donation".

About relief supplies from citizen, company

As it is difficult to supply in form corresponding to demand for affected areas and becomes cause that supplies not to need in affected areas again stay about small relief supplies from individuals, reception desk in Yokohama-shi refrains.

About disaster volunteer

Establishment of disaster volunteer center advances in affected areas sequentially.
Person thinking of local volunteer would appreciate your working after perfect preparations.
Recruitment of latest volunteers information, please confirm "zenshakyohiwazawaijishien, disaster volunteer information (the outside site)" (it changes to the outside site) of national Council of Social Welfare, whole country volunteer, social movement promotion center.

About vehicle to use for affected areas relief (disaster dispatch about issuance of engagement vehicle certificate)

In Kumamoto and the neighboring affected areas, as for the vehicle to use for transportation of relief supplies and the staff, "disaster dispatch can pass expressway by engagement vehicle certificate" free.
※Acceptance was finished.

About consultation about fund raising and management

Among the city medium and small-sized business, we install urgent consultation counter about fund raising and management.
Detailed setting place, please confirm "about setting of urgent special consultation desk accompanied with 2016 Kumamoto earthquake".

Approach by designated city Conference of Mayors

Please confirm "designated city Conference of Mayors homepage (the outside site)" (you change to the outside site).

Disaster prevention measures of Yokohama-shi

Please confirm "Yokohama-shi crisis management room homepage".

About approach of the government

Please confirm "Cabinet Office homepage (the outside site)" (you change to the outside site).

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