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The Great East Japan Earthquake related information

Last update date September 19, 2020

One year passed after the earthquake disaster occurrence, and Yokohama-shi disaster headquarters was abolished on March 27, 2012 by having been almost completed about urgent correspondence.

We offer the Great East Japan Earthquake related information in this page. As information that has been already finished is included, please be careful.

The Great East Japan Earthquake related information

  • Please be careful about fraud such as donation which took advantage of the Great East Japan Earthquake

News about living

"It is expected that they can secure electric steady supply for the time being, and, according to Tokyo Electric Power, rolling blackouts continue." "principle inexecution" about future rolling blackouts It is thing called this.
About the details, please see Tokyo Electric Power homepage (the outside site).
In addition, by sudden meteorological change or facilities trouble, we seem to have possibilities to carry out rolling blackouts out of necessity. In this case we will tell as soon as there is reporting from Tokyo Electric Power.
[Tokyo Electric Power] We check rolling blackouts group from area to live (the outside site)
[Tokyo Electric Power] Customer center (the outside site)
▽Yokohama-shi (but except a part of whole Izumi Ward, Totsuka Ward, Sakae Ward, the Konan Ward)
Telephone 0120-99-5772 or 045-394-2176 (pay)
▽Except the above
Telephone 0120-99-5776 or 046-408-5996 (pay)
※Receptionist is all from 9:00 to 19:00 for from Monday to Friday (except rest holiday)
Only as for Saturday (except rest holiday) from 9:00 to 18:00.

Support to company

Approach of Yokohama-shi

To person suffered from

Information from the damaged prefecture

Inquiry counter

Offer of acceptance, house in Yokohama-shi

  • Information (finished in H24 three a year month) such as survivors acceptance houses


  • About job hunting support toward the survivors (was finished in H25 three a year month)


Support to survivors, affected areas toward the thought

  • About donation for "the Great East Japan Earthquake" (acceptance of donation was finished)
  • In Yokohama-shi disaster volunteer center accompanied with "the Great East Japan Earthquake", volunteer offer, acceptance was finished.
  • Reception counter (with Kanagawa suspending acceptance, this receptionist stops now, too) of relief supplies for the city company, group
  • Disaster dispatch about application of engagement vehicle proof (issuance of certificate is finished now)

Radiation related information

Radiation related information moved to radiation task force page.

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