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Strong-motion seismograph network

Last update date February 17, 2019

Strong-motion seismograph network

The latest earthquake information

The past 50 earthquake information

The seismic center information

Operation explanation

The use of furuihakei data

List of setting places
Setting tsunami observation siteThe number of the setting
Fire departmentThree places
Firefighting branch office11 places
Engineering works office16 places
Water reproduction centerOne place
SchoolNine places
The harbor facilitiesOne place
OthersOne place
Total42 places

List of setting places (PDF: 16KB)

About earthquake system in Yokohama-shi

We grasp the situation of earthquake vibration in Yokohama-shi just after earthquake occurrence quickly, and "Yokohama-shi strong-motion seismograph network" is system which Yokohama-shi built for the purpose of making use for setup of the first action systems such as disaster headquarters, the later disaster emergency procedure.
We gather data which we observed in strong-motion seismograph which we installed in 42 city in city observation center. Data which we observed publish in this homepage, and they are delivered to the Meteorological Agency through Kanagawa, and they are utilized in various scenes.

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