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Disaster safety information system

Last update date September 12, 2018

Safety information retrieval ("J-anpi")

Search method

Search by the name

When input all hiragana letter, by kana name can search
(example) "ampitarou"
※We can search information registered with J-anpi and information that Google person finder (the outside site) provides in a lump.

Search by Phone number

Please input from area code with half size number except hyphen
※We search information registered with J-anpi and information of message board (the outside site) for disaster that communications carrier provides in a lump.

Safety information (disaster safety information system) in evacuation shelter

At the time of large-scale disaster occurrence, we collect safety information of survivors in evacuation shelter (evacuation shelter) in disaster headquarters and, in Yokohama-shi, apply safety information system from April, 2006 at disaster to manage.
We come to be able to search information in "J-anpi" (we search safety information in a mass) (the outside site) to search with safety information that disaster message board and each group provide about information (full name, age, the safety situation) that received agreement of public announcement from the person in total to cope with inquiry of safety information in gleanings.
※We can search from search window of this top of the page.

Means of main safety confirmation

It is in a condition to be hard to be connected that call to affected areas centers at the time of disaster occurrence, and communication line is crowded very much, and not to be able to treat temporary a large quantity of calls.
The following services are run to perform confirmation of safety between family and acquaintance or notification of evacuation sites smoothly while avoiding influence of congestion of such a communication.
We usually decide contact method with family at the time of disaster beforehand and will confirm usage.

Disaster message board (171)

We come by recording, confirmation in safety information from telephone.
NTT East Japan, NTT West Japan operates system after the disaster occurrence, and safety confirmation by sound or contact of meeting place can use disaster message board.
Usage (the outside site)

Message board (web171) for disaster

We input landline number and cell-phone, PHS number from PC or smartphone and can perform registration, confirmation of safety information.
Usage (the outside site)

Message board for disaster

By Internet connection function of cell-phone, PHS, affected areas registers message by letter and can confirm message based on cell-phone, PHS number from the whole country.
Usage (NTT DOCOMO (outside site), au (KDDI) (outside site), SoftBank (outside site), Y!mobile (outside site))

Google person finder

Registration of safety information by the name can search.
Usage (the outside site)

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