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Please be careful about wire fraud!

"Suspicious call" thought to be harbinger telephone of wire fraud occurs in Yokohama-shi.

Last update date October 2, 2019

Two pillar (PDF: 1,213KB) of heron destruction

Wire fraud is frequent…!

"It is 0 0 ward offices, but returns about 0 0 rates"
"We have left bag on the train"
"We go to take bank card"
Equal no call is wire fraud!
Let's talk with the police and family by all means!
Anti-crime program awareness enlightenment leaflet flyer
※With harbinger telephone…
It is telephone which crime groups such as wire fraud build as preliminary arrangement.
As "Phone number changed, register this number from next"
"There may be a phone call from lost article person in charge of police or JR because we have left bag on the train"
"It is thing of 0 0 securities, but there are securities which we can introduce to X X district in particular toward the house"

About trick of wire fraud

""It's me" fraud"…
We make a call posing as child and grandchild, co-worker of company, and we convey serious affair of family whom "we fail by stock trading and borrowed money" and tell a lie that money is necessary for return such as settlement or debt, and which "we embezzled money of company" is fraud by trick such as letting you transfer money to account which you appointed.
As tricks to come increase in addition to trick to let you transfer money in financial institution so that criminal takes cash directly to trick particularly home letting you send cash by home delivery, please be careful.
It is trick with most number of damage.
"Refund fraud"…
It is trick to let you transfer from ATM under the pretense of ward office or city hall and procedure of return (refund) of self-introduction, medical expenses and premium and do procedure.
These tricks increase rapidly from 2013…!
"Financing fraud"…
Posing as financial institutions, it is trick to solicit for financing, and to require deposits.
It is trick that man is easy to encounter damage.
"Imaginary request fraud"…
It is trick to demand payment about thing without memorizing that we purchased.
Amount of damage per one is very large, and damage is given by the young generation that we are in our 20s or 30s.
Criminal posing as others, the police and banker "bank card is abused to 0 0 of you! There is "bank card delivery by hand fraud" to receive directly saying I take bank card as procedure for changes of account is necessary, and to go to get.
For more details, please see leaflet.

About rapid increase of wire fraud not to let you transfer…!

We do not let you transfer as trick that increased rapidly in financial institution, and coming patterns increase recently so that criminal who gave with friends of staff of staff of police, financial institution, ward office and son receives directly.
In addition, tricks to let you send increase by home delivery or Yu-Mail.

Measures ... to wire fraud to be possible at thing - home to want you to be careful

  • Criminal hates voice being recorded. We always set on answering machine, and there is an effect that it is at-home time in preventing you from appearing on telephone when we have no idea about Phone number at the time of the receipt in damage prevention.
  • It is to watch out if we have call "that Phone number turned" into. You have you do "talking with somebody", and please do not transfer "calling original Phone number back" immediately
  • Even if partner gave any social position, you make a call suddenly, and please doubt ""It's me" fraud" when you require transfer or delivery by hand of cash. When there is such a telephone, you transfer money, and please do not hand person except relative money.
  • As for police officer and staff of bank keeping bank card, absolute. Even if partner gave staff of administration and financial institution, you hand bank card, and please do not tell password.
  • We always talk about "It's me" fraud in families and decide form of address and password over telephone beforehand
    Please prepare for nadoshite, call from criminal.
  • By medical expenses of Yokohama-shi, return (refund) procedure for premium, as for asking for ATM operation, absolute.

We gathered up anti-crime program awareness enlightenment public information leaflet of the following publication about trick of wire fraud clearly.
We would appreciate your making use for destruction of "wire fraud".

●Anti-crime program awareness enlightenment leaflet:

Trick (PDF: 2,903KB) of wire fraud

Pato heart comments on trick of wire fraud in 4 top comics formats clearly!

Wire fraud leaflet thumbnailPato heart image
Pato heart

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