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Beware of wire fraud!

"Suspicious phone" which seems to be a precursor to wire fraud has occurred in Yokohama city.

Final update date October 2, 2019

Two pillars of egret eradication (PDF: 1,213KB)

Transfer fraud is occurring frequently.…!

"It's a ward office, but I'll refund the fee."
"I left my bag on the train,"
"Go to get a cash card,"
Calls such as are transfer fraud! !
Be sure to consult with the police and your family! !
anti-crime program awareness-raising leaflets and flyers
※What is a precursory phone?…
It is a phone call that a crime group such as wire fraud calls for preparation.
"Because my Phone number changed, so please register this number one after another.
"Because I left my bag on the train, I may have a phone call from the police or the JR lost item manager."
"There is a special securities that can be introduced to those who live in the XX district."
And so on.

About the method of wire fraud

"Oreore fraud"…
Make a phone call pretending to be a child, grandchild, or company colleague, tell them about their family's major things, such as `` embezzled the company's money '' or `` failed in stock trading and borrowed money '', and repay settlement money or debt It is a scam that lies that you need money and transfers money to the designated account.
Please note that in addition to the method of transferring money at financial institutions, there are more ways to send cash by courier, etc., and in particular, the method of criminals coming directly to their homes to get cash etc. is increasing.
This is the most damaging method.
"Refund fraud"…
It is a trick to claim to be a ward office or city hall, and to transfer money from an ATM, etc., falsely as a procedure for refund (refund) of medical expenses.
This method has been increasing rapidly since 2013.…!
"Loan fraud"…
It is a trick to pretend to be a financial institution, solicit a loan, and request a deposit.
It is a trick that men are likely to suffer.
"Fake Claim Fraud"…
It is a trick to claim payment for things you have never purchased.
The amount of damage per case is very high, and damage is caused even in young people such as those in their 20s and 30s.
In addition, a criminal disguised as a police or bank clerk said, "Your cash card has been misused! You will need to change your account, so we will keep your cash card. "
For more information, see the leaflet.

Successful transfer fraud…!

As a recent rapid increase in tricks, there is an increasing number of patterns in which criminals who claim to be police, financial institution staff, ward office staff, son's friends, etc. come directly to pick up instead of transferring money at financial institutions.
In addition, the number of ways to send them by courier or Yu-mail is increasing.

Please be careful-measures against wire fraud that can be done at home-

  • The criminal hates recording his voice. It is also effective to keep an answering machine at all times when you are at home and to avoid answering a phone call if you do not recognize Phone number's effective in preventing damage.
  • Please be careful when you receive a phone call saying "Phone number has changed. Please ask "Return to original Phone number "consult someone," etc., and do not transfer immediately.
  • Regardless of the identity of the other party, if you suddenly call and request a cash transfer or handing, suspect "Oreole fraud". If you receive such a phone call, do not transfer money or hand money to anyone other than your relatives.
  • Police officers and bank officials will never keep your cash card. Even if the other party claims to be a government or financial institution employee, do not give your cash card or give your PIN.
  • Discuss oleoreal fraud with your family on a regular basis, and decide on a telephone call or password in advance.
    Please prepare for the call from the criminal.
  • medical expenses in Yokohama, in the procedure of refund (refund) of insurance premiums, we will never ask for ATM operation.

The anti-crime program awareness publicity leaflet published below summarizes the tricks of wire fraud in an easy-to-understand manner.
We hope you will help us eliminate "wire fraud".

●anti-crime program awareness-raising leaflet:

How to transfer fraud (PDF: 2,903KB)

Pat Heart explains how to transfer fraud in a 4-frame manga format in an easy-to-understand manner!

Transfer fraud leaflet SamnairePat Heart Image
Pat Heart

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