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About the use of safe emblem "pato heart" of child

"Pato heart" has security of child and various approaches to anti-crime program have friendly feeling more and is emblem to watch children with all the areas. Please use for activities about security, anti-crime program of child.

Last update date March 13, 2019

Introduction of pato heart

Pato heart

We love greetings. We love walk.
We believe that heart of all local is common to anti-crime program.
Aiming at security, town planning that we can feel relieved, we are doing anti-crime program patrol every day.

Safe emblem precautions of child

In the case of the use, please protect next with emblem
(1) Use for business, activity, enlightenment, public information about security, anti-crime program of child.
(2) Do not be against laws and ordinances and public order and morals.
(3) Observe design guide (PDF: 451KB)
(4) Do not use for products, publicity work for the purpose of profit.
(5) As a general rule, in the case of distribution product or distribution thing (e.g., including printed matter), free thing is best.
But when, in the use to contribute to purpose of (1), there is sufficient reason to be charged,
We shall discuss between Motoichi and person whom we are going to use separately.

Downloading of safe emblem of child

  • All rights about emblem belong to Yokohama-shi.
  • You click the right button of the part of (JPG format), and please choose "preservation in file in object".
  • Data (PDF: 270KB) of other posesAnd please contact local anti-crime program support section (671-3705) for data of illustrator format.

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Person who does not have can download free of charge from Adobe company.
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Civic Affairs Bureau area support department area anti-crime program support section

Telephone: 045-671-3705

Telephone: 045-671-3705

Fax: 045-664-0734

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