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Local security camera setting subsidy ※Acceptance this year was finished

We assist a part of setting expense of security camera which local, Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations installs to supplement local voluntary anti-crime program activity, and to support local voluntary approach for safe town development that is hard to happen of crime.

Last update date October 21, 2020

Security camera setting subsidy local in 2020 ※Acceptance this year was finished

Application documents submission time limit: Tuesday, June 30
Application documents submission point: Each ward Regional Promotion Division

Guide (PDF: 1,487KB) of application
Application documents (word: 75KB)
Application documents (PDF: 338KB) (agree with word)
The results report (No. 9 style) (word: 27KB)
The results report (have the same as No. 9 style word) (PDF: 110KB)

Guidelines about setting and operation on Yokohama-shi security camera

We may install security camera by cooperation of drink vending machine supplier (PDF: 67KB)
When Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations can provide setting place of drink vending machine, there is company doing approach to serve setting expenses of security camera by sales, profit. When you examine setting of security camera without using local security camera setting subsidy system, please refer to.

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