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Anti-crime program information

Last update date October 16, 2020

Based on "Yokohama security, reliable plan", we push forward reinforcement of voluntary anti-crime program "which their towns protect by oneself". Specifically, we perform support of local actions such as anti-crime program patrol. In addition, we perform maintenance of night anti-crime program environment by setting of LED crime prevention light.

What's New

■ [careful about visit, telephones which pretended to be the "gas check" "Water Works Bureau staff"!]

With "gas check", robbery to visit, and to take money and goods occurs in the city!
In addition, we may have call that is going to get personal information under the pretense of "questionnaire".
  You take three next measures, and please be careful not to encounter damage!
  ★When there was visitor, we confirm social position of partner before opening door
  ★When we had a visit from gas check, we confirm in contract company
  ★When there was suspicious visit, call, we report to the police (the 110th)
Flyer (PDF: 266KB) to alert
  You match TOKYO GAS homepage, and please confirm.
TOKYO GAS homepage (the outside site)
  TOKYO GAS attention awakening flyer (PDF: 1,430KB)

Posing as the Water Works Bureau people concerned such as "the staff of Water Works Bureau" or "trust company", we say that we receive instructions and request from Water Works Bureau, and suspicious individual information to visit is put to homes.
For more details, please confirm Water Works Bureau homepage.
Water Works Bureau homepage

■ [careful about tricks of fraud under the cover of infection spread of new coronavirus!]

  ・We were infected with new Corona.
  ・We distribute mask free.
  ・We take over cost of testing.
 As telephone, email of fraud that talked about nado, relative or government offices is expected, please be careful!
 Please warn to talk with the police when there were suspicious call and visit, invitation by suspicious individual, and not to encounter damage such as fraud!

■ [safety measures of closed child]

 Let's protect next not to let you have a dangerous experience when you stay at home only in children.
  ・Let's lock all doors and windows.
  ・We let you contact family if people visit and do, and let's cope carefully.

Fraud attention awakening flyer (PDF: 542KB) in conjunction with new coronavirus

National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan homepage (the outside site)

 ■ [careful about special fraud!]
   The Kanagawa Police anti-crime program channel [formally] (the outside site)

News from local anti-crime program support section

  • Bid, contract information
  • Special fraud measures video

Local anti-crime program

Security camera

Exclusion of gang

Prevention of graffiti

Security of child

LED crime prevention light

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Civic Affairs Bureau area support department area anti-crime program support section

Telephone: 045-671-3705

Telephone: 045-671-3705

Fax: 045-664-0734

E-Mail address [email protected]

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