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Last update date July 7, 2020

Coloring, paperwork

In the left, subway paperwork sample, the right are drawing paperwork (pocket tissue case) samples
←Paperwork  → Chase; oyster paperwork (pocket tissue case)

It is downloading shiteinsatsushitene from here
shurui setsumei

Coloring (PDF: 1,257KB)
Normal A4 size

We assume shiei bus, and win, and wisdom is horn coloring
We will paint in favorite color
[dogu] iroempitsukureyonenogunado
[nurienoshurui] Blue Line Green Line shiei bus 2 shuruizutsu

Paperwork (Blue Line) (PDF: 5,919KB)
Paperwork (Blue Line) (detailed explanation abbreviation is edition) (PDF: 6,271KB)
Paperwork (Green Line) (PDF: 13,262KB)
Paperwork (Green Line) (detailed explanation abbreviation is edition) (PDF: 6,631KB)
Normal A4 size

As it is slightly difficult, make with effort
[dogu] Cutter scissors seaweed ※kegaoshinaiyonichuishitene

Chase; oyster paperwork (PDF: 112KB)
(pocket tissue case)
Normal A3 size

We mend bus of shiei bus nisukinaeokaitejibundakeno original
What kind of bus is cool if running?
It becomes pocket tissue case when we assemble
[dogu] Cutter scissors seaweed ※kegaoshinaiyonichuishitene

≪Toward adult≫
・We finish, and, as for coloring, the paperwork, as for the oyster paperwork, A3 size becomes standard A4 size.
・You finish, and please print oyster paperwork on thick paper. When we clip out paper thick a little such as calendar or flyer to the same size after, at first, printing on copying paper, and having clipped out when there is not thick paper and we chase and put on the back of copying paper of oyster paperwork and it is double and, please do, we can assemble well.
・Paperwork has work to clip out using scissors and cutter. You are careful safely, and please play. In addition, small child becomes easy to make because careful clipping is necessary when it is A4 size of stock size, and paperwork of municipal subway prints when it is played when we enlarge and print on A3 size.

doga: Do not appear; if do; school

We produced "school as video which the young staff of City of Yokohama, Transportation Bureau could enjoy to child if we did not appear did".

[the first lesson] Is it untenshisannomochimonottenani?

[the second lesson] Is it untenshisantteneboshinainoka?

[the third lesson] Is it 3000A keittedonnadensha?

[the fourth lesson] Is it 3,000N keittedonnadensha?

[the fifth lesson] Is it 3000R keittedonnadensha?

[the sixth lesson] Is it 3000S keittedonnadensha?

[the seventh lesson] Kaminaga let's look at Ryokichi if do

[the eighth lesson] denshanountenotaikenshitemiyo

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