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How many NIGHT SYNC YOKOHAMA cooperation dirt special illuminations

Special Illumination on City Loop Bus "Akai Kutsu"

Last update date November 19, 2019

Conduct contents

Bus operating tourist attraction of Yokohama is the inside of car of "red shoes" and we decorate special illuminations in connection with NIGHT SYNC YOKOHAMA (night sink Yokohama) and travel during event period. Please enjoy.

○Period: From Friday, November 1, 2019 to Friday, December 27
○Service number: Two cars
○The service date and time: Weekday  At Sakuragicho-sta. 17:14, at 18:08, at 18:26
      [Saturdays and holidays] At Sakuragicho-sta. 17:00, at 17:15, at 18:45, at 19:00
       ※There is day not to travel by vehicle maintenance.
         (a part vehicle is not going to travel on Tuesday on Wednesday, 19th for from Saturday to 13th on Thursday, 9th on Wednesday, 7th on 6th in November)

NIGHT SYNC YOKOHAMA event formula WEB site this (the outside site).

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