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Red shoes

Last update date June 3, 2020

Spot popular for red shoes aimlessly. Yokohama mefuri convenient casually.
From Sakuragicho Station, it is route bus operating C route around "good old Yokohama" represented by modern architecture or port after the Meiji period and M route around "new Yokohama" around Minato Mirai area colored by modern city planning, Yokohama bay area.


* The tourist attraction tour bus "red shoes" whole line reopens service with diamond together for the time being on weekdays on weekdays, Saturdays and holidays from Monday, June 1.
* About plan ticket "Yokohama stylish bus trip ticket" in connection with Aka Renga Soko , we extend refund period and do until Friday, July 31.
・All three pieces of tickets are available for refund only for unused (unused ticket to gather, and to win all pieces).
・Refund reception desk place: All subway stations ※We do not perform correspondence of refund in the commuter pass release place (現在照会中。(地下鉄駅に関しては、中国語やハングルもありそうです。), Yokohama Station East Exit).
* It is this about correspondence of Transportation Bureau about new coronavirus

Figure of route

Figure of route

Route map

Service diamond

Service diamond
C route (Chinatown, Motomachi route)M route (Minato Mirai route)

- 18:26 last first at Sakuragicho-sta. 10:00
It travels every 16-20 minutes
Saturdays and holidays:
- 19:30 last first at Sakuragicho-sta. 10:00
It travels every 12-15 minutes

- 18:20 last first at Sakuragicho-sta. 10:14
It travels every 54-72 minutes
Saturdays and holidays:
- 19:06 last first at Sakuragicho-sta. 10:10
It travels every 56-60 minutes

C route (Chinatown, Motomachi route) (PDF: 2,094KB)M route (Minato Mirai route) (PDF: 124KB)

We can search course, timetable. (the outside site)

Fare information

It is as follows about ticket class, rate.
Ticket classAdult

(under 1 year or older 12 years old)

Once ride

Cash, IC card: 220 yen

Cash, IC card: 110 yen

It is ticket aimlessly with all
(Yokohama bay area daily ticket)

500 yen
※"Ticket is wide aimlessly with all" is 550 yen
(municipal subway Shin-Yokohama Station getting on and off possibility)

250 yen
※"Ticket is wide aimlessly with all" is 280 yen
(municipal subway Shin-Yokohama Station getting on and off possibility)

Bus daily ticket
(daily ticket of overall municipal bus)

600 yen300 yen

※You cannot take with identification of identification of commuter pass, respect for the old special ride, welfare special ride.

About children fare when protector is accompanied

Customer of infant (under 1 year or older 6 years old: breast preschool children) becomes free of charge to two people about protector one on ride with protector (6 years or older).
In the case of ride, customer of infant is expected to pay children fare without attendant of protector.

Sakuragicho-sta. bus terminal platform

Place of bus terminal

How to get on red shoes

It is previous riding, rear rainfall.
Please pay fare at the time of ride.
Ticket, whole-day pass, please show datemark typeface to crew at the time of ride aimlessly with all.

Secret of red shoes


Secret 1 of red shoes

Open call for participants from Yokohama citizen determined to "red shoes".
Thing and nursery rhyme that the body color of fatty re-like bus assumed "red" main were good to image to be available as new "foot" of "red shoes" and sightseeing in Yokohama casually.

Vehicle design

Secret 2 of red shoes

It is fatty re reflecting the image of old streetcar-like design.
We are particular about interior, and, brick-like design reflecting the image of Akarengasoko, bell which assumed ship motif is attached to some vehicles again in the image of all and Yokohama. Please look for!

Number plate

Secret 3 of red shoes

In fact, the number of shoes red all "150!"
This is because it has begun to run in commemoration of the Yokohama opening of a port 150th anniversary.

It is visiting Yokohama trip leaflet aimlessly

Link of outside page

Link to Yokohama sightseeing information
Official site of sightseeing in Yokohama is this place

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