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Two contact subway commuter passes

Last update date June 6, 2020

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  • It is railroad of other companies and commuter pass which can pass through with one piece. Transfer station or ranges to release are as follows.

Range that releases two contact commuter passes

The release is
Municipal subway transfer stationRange to release
Shin-Yokohama Station, Yokohama Station, Sakuragicho Station, Kannai Station, Totsuka Station, Nakayama StationAnd it is almost station within the range of 50km each station in East Kyoto Ward of JR East
Azamino Station, Yokohama Station, Hiyoshi StationAll Tokyu Line stations
Yokohama Station, Kami-Ooka StationAll Keikyu Line stations
Yokohama Station, Shonandai StationAll Sotetsu Line stations
Yokohama StationAll Minato Mirai Line stations
Shonandai StationAll Odakyu Line stations
  • It does not release contact commuter pass which put city bus, subway contact commuter pass and other private railway lines together.
  • When commuter pass extends over three companies, please see page of three contact commuter passes.

Page of three contact commuter passes

We search rate of subway commuter pass from station name

  • By appointing ride station and getting off station, can usually search fare, working kilometer other than commuter pass rate.

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