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About the handling such as attending school certificates in the new year

 Closure of a school period of each school is extended for prevention of infection spread of new coronavirus and will release attending school commuter pass as thing meeting condition to customer who corresponds to any of the following because attending school is limited by emergency declaration having been announced on April 7, 2020.

Last update date July 27, 2020

Customer who is targeted for 1

(1) Customer who cannot receive business formalities of extension for validity of certificate that attendance at school confirmation is made from customer having old commuter pass by temporary closure of a school
  (we include case that validity of certificate expires.)
(2) Certificate (certificate which attending school section can confirm in customers who do not possess old commuter pass anymore because we refunded attending school commuter pass to possess
  Include case that validity expires; customer who has)
(3) Expiration date of certificate expires by temporary closure of a school having continued although certificate which attending school section can see in customers of Shinnyu student was issued
  Customer whom we worked as

2 and others

About photograph to attach on certificate, we make it possible to omit for the time being.

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