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Municipal subway service information, route map, timetable, fare

You can confirm service information of municipal subway in City of Yokohama, Transportation Bureau top page.

Last update date August 11, 2020

Service information, timetable, route map of municipal subway

Fare, the time required of municipal subway


Necessary schedule

Usage of subway

Blue Line high speed driving

It is icon of train.Service timetable of decoration train of the tenth anniversary of 3,000V form, Green Line is this. (the outside site)

It is window iconPlace, business day of commuter pass release window. At time, we inform about the handling ticket class, the handling, Phone number of refund.

For more details, please see page of commuter pass sale window.

Bus, subway 50 yen 100 yenAs for the off period, as for the bus, as for 50 yen, the subway, it is to 110 yen children fare for long term including summer vacation.

Please see page of child 50 yen, 110 yen for implementation period.

It is station kon faintlyWe give a concert in the station yard. As for the held plan, please see page of station kon faintly.

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