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It is summary of becoming six formation of Green Line

 Because population fixation along the line advances, since the opening of business of 2008, there is vehicle ridership in tendency to increase every year, and it is used in 2018 by about 150,000 customers per day. On the other hand, congestion rate continues rising to be proportional to that, and 2019 becomes 163%. Six formation of Green Line works on becoming that increase of population along the line is anticipated in future and relaxes congestion of rush time in the morning.

Last update date March 30, 2020

Green Line vehicle photograph

Summary of the transport capacity reinforcement

We organize six cars of vehicle

We add two cars to 10 formation during all 17 formation, and six formation works on becoming.

Station improvement

We improve all six 10 stations for becoming. (addition such as home extension, platform door enlargement, station home floor finish, lighting)

Repair of vehicle base

Six cars repair vehicle base for becoming. (kenshukozo*, orbit construction, electric construction, the ground improvement)

Future plan

We become six cars of formation

Ordering of the former year, middle increase detailed vehicle
2002, vehicle design
2003, vehicle production
2004, 3 formation introduction
2005, 3 formation introduction
2006, 4 formation introduction

Station improvement

Former year, design
2002, construction
2003, construction
2004, zankoji

Repair of vehicle base

Former year, design
2002, construction
2003, construction

Easing measure for past congestion

The Green Line opening of business (March, 2008)

It travels with 14 per hour in the morning at rush

We increase the driving number by shortening (time schedule revision) of headway (April, 2010)

It is run extra to 16 per hour in the morning at rush

We increase the driving number by vehicle increase detailed (2 formation) (April, 2014)

It is run extra to 18 per hour in the morning at rush

We let the maximum speed make improvement (time schedule revision) and increase the driving number (March, 2018)

It is run extra to 19 per hour in the morning at rush

Change of congestion

Change of congestion

Request for off-peak commuting

The congestion situation of Hiyoshi-Honcho Station ⇒ Hiyoshi Station of rush time as of November, 2019 (Raiwa 1) is street of table. As for the train arriving at Hiyoshi Station in from half past 7 to 8:00, congestion is anticipated. I would like cooperation for commuting, attending school that we avoid time when congestion centers.

Off peak graph

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