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The duties introduction subway transportation staff

Last update date June 1, 2020

 Getting on and off of about 650,000 customers repeated without cease every day at station.
 While keeping the each person's security,
 It is cooperation of member of station service, driver to send to destination comfortably.
 In the front line of home, it is the inside of car of 80 kilos per an hour,
 For work to act for customer, only share of responsibility is worthwhile.
 As even if railroad evolves so much, it is a person's power that moves train and station.

With the subway transportation staff

 It is staff of subway transportation that performs station guidance duties, home monitoring, proceeds management as Yokohama Shiei Subway Blue Line and member of station service of Green Line each station.
 Customer is the staff touching first and takes important role called "face of subway".
 After having worked for a certain period of time, way becoming subway driver is opened.

①Station guidance duties that knowledge is asked

 It supports transfer guidance and neighboring guidance, thing left behind at window and wicket and, as concierge of station, hits the yard announcement duties.
 Waiting on customers power to be used to what is demanded let alone abundant knowledge kindly. Yokohama can utilize both a lot of foreign customers and linguistic ability.

②Home rearranging to keep security of passenger

 We keep a close eye on security of movement and track of customer in the front line of home and support service without accident and delay.
 Concentration and teamwork are demanded how you have you take without trouble at the time of rush.

③Desk work duties such as sales management

 The purse strings of collection of proceeds such as automatic ticket machines and various tickets are daily important duties, too.
 We work on error of 1 yen simply because it is important fare that I received from customer so that there is not.

④Assistance of physically disabled customer

 In customer using subway, physically disabled person comes.
 It is duty of member of station service to assist to be able to get on and off smoothly.

⑤We work on patrol and beautification of station facility

 Not only we go around the station building and check facilities, but also confirm whether there are not suspicious-looking object, garbage.
 It is indispensable duties to have you use station safely and comfortably.

Flow of duty

Schedule (member of station service) of one day

Roll call that goes to work


Station guidance duties, paperwork duties

11:00 Taking a lunch break rest

Wicket guidance duties, paperwork duties, home rearranging

19:00 We take a break at night

20:00 ...

Wicket guidance duties, station yard patrol


The last train correspondence, the yard watchman

25:15 Nap
5:00 Getting up, business rearranging
5:20 Business start, wicket guidance duties
7:30 Home rearranging
8:30 Transfer leaving work roll call

Application toward the thought

 We like spirit, person brightly. If it is such a waiting on customers enthusiast, there does not need to be knowledge of railroad.
 We will acquire experience while studying together.
 After having worked as member of station service for a certain period of time, we can aim at subway driver via driver training course.

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