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Duties introduction bus crew qualification support course

Last update date October 20, 2020

With bus crew (qualification support course)

 Even if it does not have the large-sized car second class license, it is [qualification support course] that can aim at bus crew if there are any the eligibility requirements for an examination.
 [training course] We acquire license by yourself within one year after the first selection pass, and we pass the second selection, and difference called this supports qualification expense (there is the upper limit) to employed person afterwards.
 There is not economic burden and is chance when we can realize dream at own pace.

①Flow until adoption

 You have you take an exam and do the first selection (basic education, interview, physical checkup), and that passed the first selection goes to training school by yourself within one year from pass announcement, and please do large-sized car second kind qualification.
 We pass the second selection (driving practical skill) after the qualification and support qualification expense to employed person.

②From adoption to assigned to office

 We learn basic knowledge and way of thinking that you should have as posture to give top priority to security in the authorities "safety education center", staff of Transportation Bureau including basics for customer after it was adopted.
 We begin "empty training" to go around real service line with instructor after the training completes and was assigned to office. Service skill should be property of thing with driving technique that we acquired here throughout the life.

③Bus crew debut

 At the end of empty training, the last examination of "is independent boarding possible?" is conducted from instructor.
 If get official guarantee of pass, to independent boarding.
 True career as bus crew begins.

④As for the class of business English conversation

 Yokohama is one of the one of the best international cities in Japan, and there are a lot of customers of foreigner, too.
 Therefore we cooperate with major English conversation school in the training and open a course in intensive course of English conversation necessary for boarding. English ability is raised without unreasonableness.

Flow of duty

Schedule of one day
5:20 Confirmation, alcohol confirmation, vehicle check that goes to work
5:30 The opening roll call, charge path designation
5:40 Boarding start
(60 minutes) Break
14:00 The end of the boarding
14:10 The close of the work roll call

Application toward the thought

 As Transportation Bureau supports expense of driving school, there is not burden and is reliable economically.
 The department mastery of skills staff tells about driving technology well.
 As you can aim at bus crew in peace, you are inexperienced, and please try decisively.

Individual information of briefing session

 In Transportation Bureau, we carry out individual briefing session targeting at person wanting to hear more detailed information and having a question about duty contents.
 In addition, we carry out visit to office targeting at people with hope in individual briefing session participants.
 The details, please identify the following pages.

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