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Duties introduction subway maintenance technical person (machine)

Last update date June 1, 2020

Star "machine system technical person" who carries machine system of vehicle

With subway maintenance technical person (machine)

About 990,000 people. It is the number of customers using municipal subway Blue Line and Green Line per day. Since we take life of customer of such number, importance of maintenance check of vehicle does not need to say. It is mission of "maintenance technical person" (machine) that prevents trouble so that service diagram is not disturbed. We support safe service of train without overlooking minute change including "normal time and sounds are different" after having known structure of train and apparatuses well.

①Inspection of several folds of all vehicles

Other than everyday inspection, "examination once in less than ten days for train" performs check, exchange of expendable supplies once in less than 90 days, function inspection of vehicle, important part maintenance inspection, general maintenance inspection. Inspection of several phases is the first step of security.

②Above all, inspection, repair of Blue Line is flower-shaped

There are 5 formats of "3000A" "3,000N" "3000R" "3000S" "3,000V" in vehicle of Blue Line, and star of preservation management carries out the direct management work of vehicle maintenance. We repair to vehicle of safer facilities while reducing cost by the direct management as much as possible.

③Attendance, supervision of trust work including general inspection

Examination with best duties that apparatuses or brakes dismantle all apparatuses and check finely "general inspection." We support from aspects such as process control that the staff commands trust manufacturer and supervises, and to be able to work quickly and safely.

④National qualifications "railroad carriage production, maintenance certified technician" can acquire

We can take an entrance examination for the first grade if there are any work experience two years or more after more than railroad carriage production, maintenance certified technician second grade, work experience seven years or the second grade pass in work experience two years or more. Please challenge to widen width of work, and to make step-up.

Flow of duty

Schedule of one day

Roll call, transfer, paperwork

9:00-12:00 Examination for vehicle and wheel cut plus


The lunch break
13:00-17:30 Examination for vehicle
17:30-19:00 Break
19:00-1:20 It supports trouble
1:20-6:50 Nap
6:50-7:45 It supports trouble
7:45-8:15 Break
8:15-8:30 It supports trouble
8:30 Leaving work

Application toward the thought

A lot of work to plurally perform cannot miss team play. Please face everyday physical condition management with a sense of responsibility to affect even if nobody is missing.
Aorta where Blue Line, Green Line run Yokohama. Do you not challenge work to support service of such a train with their power together?

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