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Duties introduction subway maintenance technical person (maintenance of tracks)

Last update date June 1, 2020

"Maintenance of tracks technical person" who keeps security of track for 24 hours

With subway maintenance technical person (maintenance of tracks)

Track where train of 30 tons of one car runs 180 1st is always placed under the severe situation. It discovers gap of abrasion of track and rail fuku, subsidence of ballast (gravel) quickly, and it is work of "subway maintenance technical person" (maintenance of tracks) repair that constructs. "Eyes" and "ear" that important one does not miss slight conjugation either. Expertise that made the most of Gokan keeps on keeping security of service of train.

①Patrol, check, inspection such as track, tunnel, viaduct

As for the examination for rail and tunnel, viewing by foot is required. We walk with saucer eyes and there is not or checks abnormality by viewing and hammering inspection in unrest at the time of service every day whether there is not the slack of the conclusion bolt whether rail does not have bend and crack. We can develop ability to find accident so as to repeat experience.

②Based on inspection to rail exchange and railroad tie, construction including roadbed stab hardening

When it is revealed that exchange of rail and railroad tie, repair of ballast are necessary, we perform for time to first departure from the last train. Duties star as for above all large-scale rail exchange. When we finish late-night work and see train running without incident in the morning, it will be to be able to get sense of accomplishment of work.

③Track, attendance of outside order construction including improved construction of tunnel

When we ask outside construction supplier for construction, the facility ward staff performs attendance and supervises safe confirmation and work contents. We do construction management by support only by the last train, the staff to know the first confirmation, the spot including arrangement of parts.

④As for the special qualification only by subway in field of vision

"Professional engineer" "surveyor" "tetsudo*keigishi" "orbit construction manager" "qualification such as driver's licenses of special vehicle" is possible while we experience patrol and check, construction. Please challenge to become human resources relied on by people.

Flow of duty

Schedule of one day
8:30 Roll call, charge section explanation
8:30-12:00 Track check (examinations of hammering) of charge section


The lunch break
13:00-17:00 We check track on train
23:30-4:00 Night work such as rail exchange
4:00-8:30 Nap
8:30 We succeed and come home

Application toward the thought

We watch security of track for 24 hours. Everyday health care is important for capital body with duty system succeeding duties like relay. At first, we may not be used, but while we acquire experience, get art of work, and pride to carry security of track should be felt.

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