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Duties introduction subway maintenance technical person (repairs)

Last update date June 1, 2020

With subway maintenance technical person (repairs)

 Station which it is the entrance of town, and is local symbol.
 It is "subway maintenance technical person" (repairs) that performs elevator and water supply and drainage, maintenance of the whole station facility such as air conditioning let alone building finish of station and concourse to be available to customer safely and comfortably.
 "Air conditioner does not hear" which "elevator stopped". We rush to such an emergency immediately and cope. In addition, we perform not only station but also maintenances such as transformer substation or bus related facility.

①Buildings such as station buildings, check, repair of machinery

 In the yard which a large number of customers use every day, a lot of trouble cannot miss maintenance, too.
 It begins to building finishing materials and keeps a close watch on all to shutter, automatic door, elevator facilities, firefighting equipment, water supply and drainage sanitation, air conditioning ventilation equipment and is engaged earnestly in check, repair.

②In state to be able to use barrier-free-related facilities comfortably

 It is work of repairs that performs check, repair of barrier-free facilities so that physically disabled person is easy to use.
 We have maintenance of sound and station yard guide map with Braille, Braille fare table, raised block, ostomate restroom.

③As for control, the inspection of outside order construction

 When we place an order to manufacturers for update construction of escalator and elevator, we are in charge of construction control.
 Construction makes progress according to contract, specifications, design or teaches whether quality is kept as member of supervision and it is completed after the construction completion and inspects.

④We respond to bus related facility

 Office and factory of office of municipal bus in ten city are fields of repairs, too.
 Furthermore, we cope with malfunction of lapel ground and bus stop customs shed of bus.
 It is duty that is indispensable to safe service of bus to repair office and repair shop becoming base of bus transit appropriately.

Flow of duty

Schedule of one day

Roll call, transfer, paperwork

9:00-12:00 It supports obstacle


The lunch break
13:00-17:15 Periodic inspection of machinery

Application toward the thought

 The workplace which is most suitable for building and machinery for person who is interested.
 Because a lot of adjustment duties with in station and outside order manufacturer take role as coordinator, it is constantly advancing and turns to technique or safety standards to evolve to people who had posture to always study.

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