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Duties introduction subway maintenance technical person (electricity)

Last update date June 1, 2020

With subway maintenance technical person (electricity)

All trains work for the first time by various systems operating normally for 24 hours. Therefore we cannot miss job of "subway maintenance technical person" (electricity) conserving to one one facility whether signal communication system is normal whether electricity of transformer substation is appropriate.
In City of Yokohama, Transportation Bureau, it is placement in "it takes signal communication" which is in charge of service system including signal and radio, communication saying "it takes electricity" in charge of electricity facilities of overhead wire and transformer substation. We support safe service with cooperation of 2 hook.

①Maintenance (electricity takes) of "stable power supply to overhead wire, station building" - electricity facilities

We cannot use electricity transmitted electricity to by power station with the same voltage at train and station. We are converted into the most suitable voltage at transformer substation, but what conserve all electricity facilities from management of the transformer substation to management of overhead wire which is necessary for train run takes electricity. We keep a close watch on apparatus and rush at the time of abnormality promptly.

②Check, repair (electricity takes) of electric equipment supporting "comfortable station"

Light lights up station building simply because electricity is supplied normally, and elevator and escalator work. We try for check and repair every day to supply stable electricity to every electric equipment of such station yard.

③Maintenance (signal communication takes) of the "pivot of safe service" signal preservation facilities

We prevent collision of train, and the pivot letting subway run safely on schedule is "signal preservation facility". We support so that various facilities which are indispensable to safe service including "point" to change signal system, track taking autocrat driving support and speed management work surely.

④Maintenance (signal communication takes) of communication facilities which are essential for "offer, collection of information"

On subway, a great variety of communication facilities are further installed in customer to broadcasting equipment providing various information telephone and radio giving order in station and train by total syndactylism Mme. We perform check and repair of those communication facilities and keep normal state.

Flow of duty

Schedule of one day

Roll call, transfer, paperwork

9:00-12:00 Maintenance, check of electric equipment


The lunch break
13:00-16:00 Maintenance, check of electric equipment
16:00-23:45 Night work meeting, preparations, break, nap
23:45-4:00 Night maintenance, check
4:00-8:00 Wait, break, nap
8:00-8:30 Duties transfer

Application toward the thought

Maintenance for 24 hours is essential for electric equipment from transformer substation to station building. Self-discipline is important to be able to tolerate rotation job including night duty. While we work, the powerful charm of work to carry nervous system of subway single-handed should be able to realize that knowledge of electricity and communication is natural because of the body.

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