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Duties introduction bus maintenance man

Last update date October 20, 2020

 The mileage of the whole city bus of the day more than two laps of earth.
 It is easy to be worn out simply because it is vehicle going far-off way,
 Arm and bottom line of mechanic are always tried.
 We notice small change of big vehicle, and bus affects well so as to take care.
 "Go saa". As if the words totally arrive.

With bus maintenance man

 It is bus maintenance man check, maintenance that we repair, and work so that about 800 municipal buses can run safely.
 Two or three people become team and check engine, body, change machine throughout and fix in perfect state.
 By being opposite to various vehicles, young person from veteran should be able to greatly plan skill up in environment in succession to technique.

①We carry out periodical maintenance and voluntary check

 For three months set by law, we carry out the voluntary moon check in addition to check maintenance every 12 months.
 We are engaged in all from engine, tire, brakes, check of bus without a conductor device to the sheet metal painting.
 We acquire every skill simply because we experience wide repair.

②It manages directly with cost awareness and maintains

 It is duty of Transportation Bureau bus maintenance man we are aware of viewpoint as public employee, and to maintain with cost awareness.
 We perform the resolution maintenance such as starters (motor for start) and sheet metal, the painting repair of accident car by the direct management including revivifying waste articles in new maintenance parts and restore to original state.

③Chain exchange of snowy day

 It is one of the duties that attaches tire chain in at midnight or early morning when forecast of snowfall was given.
 We bind cuttlefish with chain surely quickly, and it is got ready by the first diamond, or high teamwork is demanded from tire more than one about 90 kilos.

④It is touched advanced technology

 To the latest exhaust emission regulation car, we carry out trouble diagnosis and repair using scan tool.
 Recent bus may have a lot of computers built-in, workshop worthwhile for car enthusiast and machine enthusiast.
 In addition, maintenance chief person, examiner, person in charge, maintenance chief and one where the various posts are are attractive.

Flow of duty

Schedule of one day

Morning gathering, meeting


Check, maintenance of vehicle

12:00-13:00 The lunch break

It supports check maintenance, trouble

Application toward the thought

 Of course we avoid waste for inventive idea, and posture working with cost awareness is demanded from offering safer vehicle.
 We show idea by oneself and are the workplace where is most suitable for person with feeling to enjoy the monomaking of.

Individual information of briefing session

 In Transportation Bureau, we carry out individual briefing session (we include visit to office) targeting at person wanting to hear more detailed information and having a question about duty contents.
 The details, please identify the following pages.

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