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Duties introduction bus crew

Last update date June 1, 2020

 One day crying of baby who sounded through the inside of car of city bus.
 It was the next announcement to have had crew to mother who deeply appreciated.
 All right. It works that baby cries. Is it rice? Is it diaper? Are you sleepy?" .
 It goes without saying that air in the car softened for the bright tone incidentally.
 Ride comfort of city bus. We think that that makes with driving technology and consideration.

With bus crew

 We are known as the town of slope, and in late years importance of Yokohama municipal bus which is citizen's foot has been increasing more and more in Yokohama where elderly people are increasing.
 It is bus crew that supports service of such a bus.
 Let alone driving technology, waiting on customers to each passenger with heart of consideration is essential.
 In stage Tomonari of Rugby World Cup and the Tokyo Olympics, international city "YOKOHAMA" showing upsurge more and more, please show your power to one's heart's content.

①Driving of bus becoming "citizen's foot"

 We run bus for at the time of commuting attending school safely and on time. It is easy to image, but, as for a lot of uncertain elements including traffic condition and weather changing every moment, as for the realization, it is not easy.
 Therefore, with improvement in driving technology, we understand local traffic condition, and ability adapting ourselves to is sought.

②Work that is important for service in the bus inside of car

 We have a relationship not to be sharp even if "driving" and "service" cut in the duties of bus crew. It is microphone announcement for greetings, waiting on customers with safe driving and smile, in addition, to be important.
 As elderly person and child are easy to fall down, it promotes attention, and watch, the attention to the inside of car are connected by announcement for ensuring safety of customer in departure and curve.

③Aim! Mustard Leiber

 It is mustard Leiber system that it is without an accident and examines the everyday duty situation from service awareness, point of view of ecodrive, and authorize excellent crew.
 Silver obi entering hat and special name card are proof of authorization. Since we become crew, you must aim, too.

④"Child care diamond" reliable as for mom

 We work on the making of job that is easy to act in Transportation Bureau, and way of working (childcare reduced working hours, childcare time) that shortened working hours prepares.
 We can cope with drop-off and pickup of child, and person during child care can play an active part lively.

Flow of duty

Schedule of one day

Confirmation, alcohol confirmation, vehicle check that goes to work


The opening roll call, charge path designation

5:40 Boarding start
(60 minutes) Break
14:00 The end of the boarding
14:10 The close of the work roll call

Application toward the thought

 Yokohama Transportation Bureau which raises "city bus, subway carrying trust for heart." We focus on heart of hospitality in the driving of bus.
 As citizen's reliable means of transportation, do you not further support municipal bus with the rugby World Cup and the Tokyo Olympics as transportation that coming foreign tourist remembers together?
 We look forward to your application with idea and challenge mind not to be seized with limit of "public employee".

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