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The staff interview subway maintenance technical person (electricity)

Last update date June 1, 2020

Nippa Electric ward maintenance technical person K.K.
2014 entrance. Via Kaminagaya maintenance management place, we belong to Nippa maintenance management place now.
In owners of unique career called the law department native place, we handle patrol check of transformer substation and periodic inspection of station electric equipment tight.

Toward perfect electric school, we rush about from station for station.

 "Crossing gate cannot operate" which "will you cope because it short-circuits in electric circuit of station?".
 To oneself, maintenance technical person of Nippa Electric ward, such a notice jumps every day.

 In fact, there was report during nap of accommodation duty last night saying "apparatus of transformer substation broke down" and we affected until early in the morning and coped.
 Saying after there being senior and two people, and hurrying in the spot, and checking, it is saying "cause is base trouble in apparatus".
 However, we operated by manual operation in place of apparatus which did not operate till there was not spare base, and exchange base arrived.
 We finished exchange of base safely and were relieved when the first train had begun to work.

 We have days to run around from station to station to carry all maintenance to affect electricity from check of transformer substation to repair of station electric equipment including fluorescent lamp and outlet in this way.

Senior supported oneself of brother by a different mother.

 I am from the law department and know nothing at all about electricity at stage at the time of entrance.
 It was start from go-around delay obviously while synchronization had many people from physical science.
 However, we learned to take senior who crossed group by accommodation duty from Ohm's law that that learned in the second grade at a junior high school to how to use tool, way of everyday duties.
 Above all, what was hammered in into foresees the risk how, and do you work safely?
 For example, we perform repair of facilities (the third rail) for feeding of 750V to run along track, but the work situation of co-worker is connected for accident although we stop the transmission during work if invisible.
 Therefore when do not forget dense communication "that 0 0 does not have of "completed" yet." As indicating appellation repeats itself so that body is stained, we do with "locking reed!" when we close home key.

As any disorder has cause and solution.

 When it is not revealed, cause of disorder development does the greatest one by this work.
 However, cause is any small abnormality by all means.
 When we do not know, we go back in office and reexamine drawing and we look up at wisdom of expert senior and challenge the resolution, diagnosis of apparatus on the site. In that way previous anxiety vanishes when "this!" or solution were found.
 This will be because root is pessimistic nature or sometimes dreams of short circuit until now although we came to solution by all means (laugh).
 In fact, own father runs electrician business in Sadogashima. To be frank, we were not interested in job of father in the days of child.
 But feeling of father who rushed to repair to customer while it begins to snow feels like knowing now that we got job of electric maintenance.
 Thought, that "is for somebody."
 And how about people who are interested as it is begun in City of Yokohama, Transportation Bureau by without experience if there is the feeling when we aim by all means?

The questions and answers

 Q: A word of the memorable boss?
 A: "Preparations and the back confirmation before work are important". When it is to know all work.
 Q: How much is accommodation duty?
 A: Once in three days, we stay 10 times a month. We were used to health now.
 Q: Is there railroad enthusiast of co-worker?
 A: There is person called train person displaying model in desk and desktop of PC.
 Q: Motto?
 A: "Original intention accomplishment." As we hate to throw things on the way basically.

It is a word from K.K.

Oneself set up maintenance vehicle experience corner of "hamarin Festa" on customer Thanksgiving Day hosted by Transportation Bureau.
Future engineer should appear from children getting on vehicle joyfully.

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