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The staff interview subway maintenance technical person (maintenance of tracks)

Last update date June 1, 2020

Subway maintenance technical person (maintenance of tracks) T.M.
2015 entrance. We are in charge of maintenance of tracks now in Nippa maintenance management place.
In machinist subject native place, we have belonged to Motor Vehicles Department in college student days and know how to ride special vehicle of maintenance of tracks breezily.

We do not overlook slight crack using Gokan either.

 "There was!".
 Originally it is me who am big of natural voice, but especially greatly cries when we found slight crack of rail by patrol of track. "It was where, found well". Joy when we had you praise is not sometimes forgotten in this way all the time while senior finds earlier.
 As rail is creature, slight crack and skewness, abrasion occur while we support train every day.
 Maintenance of tracks person in charge of oneself facility ward goes around them and finds using eyes and ear, Gokan.
 For example, proof that relaxes if we beat bolt of rail with hammer, and "pakin" and high-pitched metallic sound do.
 If if train feels abnormal noise on rail in passing, hang water, and soak; evidence with crack.
 And if there is emergency, we stop train and reinforce.
 It is moment to feel, "train does not work if oneself do not do it".

Solidarity power of facility ward tested by rail exchange.

 Star duties of maintenance of tracks are rail exchange of the midnight above all.
 We cut rail which met life while relieving spark by special apparatus, and work to change to new rail is dynamic at all.
 It becomes team bullet to finish changing before the first departure from the last train and challenges, but senior orders role allotment quickly and moves subordinate. On seeing the back, oneself acquires power someday and feels that we want to become human being pulling subordinate.
 "Work steals, and learn!" training and that you are said to senior well on the site .
 For example, all the situation of track enters head of senior, and it is revealed as soon as "this tool is necessary for that curve" at "10 kilos point at inspection" and moment when it was.
 Days to learn with body when we see such a way.
 When job is over although severe words sometimes fly, we stay and discuss in everybody of duty saying "we eat what today", and what make curry and ginger-flavored fried foods is fun on the site.
 This solidarity power may lead to maintenance of tracks activity without mistake.

We want to do our best at the time of earthquake disaster for important people.

 We met childhood friend and teacher in charge in elementary school days the other day with chance when there were not shaking and abnormal noise or got on the lead car in order to actually sense bodily on car.
 Which "we saw working clothes look for the first time" had you say, "do not do your best" and thought that we must do more and more.
 Above all, when we want to meet expectation of father running air conditioning-related business. As we take out to the spot since the age of junior high school and think that craftsman's experience that let you look at the world led to this work.
 Role of maintenance of tracks will become more and more important these days while there are many earthquake disasters to let train restore quickly.
 Therefore we rush to the first at the time of earthquake disaster and want to join track check.
 At moment when the Earthquake Early Warning left at to smartphone, wing already breaks jacket, and there is oneself getting ready.

The questions and answers

 Q: When is it that we were almost discouraged?
 A: When we were not used to cycle of reversal by night duty duties in the night and day. We were saved by advice of seniors who did the same experience.
 Q: Who is it that respects other than the senior?
 A: Father. We knock on the spot and cannot catch up with abundant knowledge and judgement yet as it is advance.
 Q: Do you lose work of maintenance of tracks to AI sometime?
 A: Human hand is need for delicate maintenance of tracks that made full use of Gokan even if AI advances so much.
 Q: What kind of self-PR did you do in interview?
 A: We put emphasis when confident of physical strength. But it was more than expected (laugh)

It is a word from Y.M.

Entrance is original and is surprised at there being specialist specialized in maintenance of tracks, electricity, each section including repairs.
Knowledge of seniors who were full of work is great.

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