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The staff interview subway transportation staff

Last update date June 1, 2020

Member of Azamino Station station service S.N.
After graduating from technical school of confectionery, bread to produce, we work at bakery, restaurant for ten years and enter in 2018.
By taking advantage of waiting on customers power that we cultivated in the restaurant business, we are playing an active part in Azamino Station as member of station service now. Aim is driver.

Thought to railroad which son reminded of.

 "We will want to show child what kind of back". There was oneself who thought so incidentally last year when son was born. Ahead of this new life to nominate the first cry for as hard as possible, what kind of father does oneself want to be in?
 It was scenery of train which left for house of grandmother that what we flashed across in the mind lived in Niigata 20 years or more ago then.
 The train which he/she led from local Fujisawa to turn, pure white snow scene was like a dream, and driver was really cool.
 And saying "is like that, and oneself wants to show son figure working by train which was admiration all the time." Family was surprised, but birth of child included power to turn oneself.
 We leave restaurant which we served more than five years, and, in what took examination of City of Yokohama, Transportation Bureau, child is 4-month-old time.

We play with waiting on customers power of strength while learning from senior.

 At Azamino Station assigned as member of station service now of the entrance first year, we run around from safe confirmation at home to transfer guidance, assistance of wheelchair every day.
 We were used in now, but when we did the yard announcement first, own voice to sound through station was quite inexperienced and was embarrassed. Furthermore, it was barely enough to guide to route map one hand without being able to answer immediately to customer who flooded in when we did correspondence of transferring passengers to another means of transport by accident of Tokyu Denentoshi Line via the top.
 It is performance of seniors to have been overwhelmed in such a case.
 We go to our office for unexpected situation by all means before the appointed hour and send out with smile in response to various customers by abundant knowledge. We thought that it was great.
 Therefore we added even a little to hammer in into head from route map to neighborhood information to catch up with and faced customer for mind of consideration that we got by waiting on customers experience.
 "Have a nice day" on seeing eyes of customer at wicket. To at a loss person "was something wrong?" . Then saying, "thank you", the number of times increases and is saying "there is not one in a great number of people, and customer demands one to one reception".
 Furthermore, when we took class of AED in Transportation Bureau, we know, "it is different from child in way of chest compression in adults" and learn even course of AED for child personally saying "we can save small life at the time of emergency".
 Station is the simple passage point, but wants to work on all which there is how long customer is satisfied in instant.

And to way of driver who was dream for 20 years.

 Customer of regular customer who went along wicket when glad one received ticking off from customer recently and was depressed a little having said hello with big smile.
 We are encouraged in such just an instant.
 We take an entrance examination for selection to finally become driver and will aim at driver of dream in future.
 It is pushed to learn from structure of train vehicle to driving theory in the driver training department saying it is saying "we study most in the life" from senior driver.
 But we do not give up.
 This is game to say, "your existence made daddy driver" when child grew up.

The questions and answers

 Q: Become member of station service; and reaction of friend?
 A: The yard announcement is asked for saying it is in "that shop which is open at home".
 Q: Moment to be relieved most?
 A: When, after the last train, we have finished confirming all whether people did not stay on platform.
 Q: We are from school of confectionery, bread to produce, and is it all right?
 A: It was dynamic saying "it is totally different in forte", and we were laughed by the deputy mayor. But it is all right as it is up to motivation.
 Q: Scene to remember when we looked back in the future?
 A: Probably we think that it will be oneself struggling desperately in future to become driver.

S. It is a word from N.

 Place that City of Yokohama, Transportation Bureau is from hiring throughout the year, without experience, and can aim at driver.
 It is recommended for person wanting to become driver of subway

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