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The staff interview bus maintenance man

Last update date March 27, 2019

Yokohama municipal bus maintenance man G.I. (the photograph left)
Previous job is mechanic of construction machine maker. We belong to Sengencho Office after the entrance in 2016.
We win chief of the bureau Prize by invention of groundbreaking bench tester (inspection system) of alternator.

Yokohama municipal bus maintenance man M.K. (the photograph right)
It is dealer of large truck originally. We enter in 2014 and are in charge of maintenance in Sengencho Office.
It is senior of I and has a good reputation for leadership to increase good point of younger student.

We put on chain fully supported by office while snow flies.

 "It will be snowy tomorrow".
 When snowy mark appears by weather forecast, it is beginning of big job for bus maintenance man. We wrap about 90 buses in garage with chain by the spot going out together for the first train for a night.
 While nine maintenance men blow out white breath in cold below-zero, we take off tire of surpassing 95 kilos and attach chain silver in sequence. The following bass is waiting immediately even if we finish one.
 In the first-year winter, another one is full. However, put work of one of the lasts away so that the next K senior says, "it is the merrymaking on snowy day", and there is sense of accomplishment very much after having seen off vehicle which runs while scratching snow, and sharpening.
 It is worthwhile work in maintenance work.

We distribute ear to movement of all buses. Keep a close eye.

 I was mechanic of construction machine maker, but jumped into the world of bus maintenance that structure was complicated when I wanted to do more difficult work.

 As the present bus operated with computer, what was able to learn systems in the training from the beginning was stouthearted.
 However, after all, it is the spot that gains power.
 For example, K seniors just hear one engine sound and can provide instructions saying "look at that car as I hear abnormal noise". We put diagnosis machine on the cause true verge of the instructions, and malfunction is really found when we take data. Seniors say well; when is teaching not to overlook SOS of vehicle "to distribute eyes and ear to all of bus."
 And, on the back of accident, we think that we untie puzzle with "yossha" at moment when we were able to arrive at problems as two folds of trouble causes may get twisted up in Mie.

 We developed system which we could easily inspect whether "alternator" (generator operating bus) moved normally when it wanted to be helpful for the spot that was always saved and were commended to chief of the bureau last year. Although he/she was pleased, "inspection took its ease", in the seniors, buttocks are already swatted saying "do not ask for invention to be able to use for car inspection next time" (laugh).

Attend last run of meticulously made bus.

 It is that attachment springs out as bus which we repaired through hardships to feel in a total of about 1,000 a year bus maintenance.
 As for the figure on day when fixing, vehicle which repeated fixing when we got up became life at last when trouble happened and invited last run, there was thing which left a strong impression. Saying it is saying "we did our best well thank you" in heart while hearing ear familiar engine sound. We think that work to be able to attend at such a moment is happy.
 And, speaking of happiness, is it to have been said to be daughter proudly when we get on bus saying "daddy just maintain?" We intend to face maintenance in future to keep all civic security from such children to elderly person so that there is not one mistake. Seniors trouble including K senior again, but would like!

The questions and answers

 Q: When we say K senior with a word?
 A: There being much scolding joke (laugh). We are service-minded and are senior thinking that what we talk about was good.
 Q: Favorite words?
 A: "We avoid waste". We developed inspection system in thought that did not want to waste time.
 Q: Secret of co-workers?
 A: We strengthen body in muscular workout room for the lunch break and drink protein in secret.
 Q: Bus with contemplation?
 A: Old CNG bus which was scrapped. We loved as much as there were many troubles.

Than K senior to I

 You should see what next, or it is revealed immediately if we understand system of car when we do not know trouble cause and can solve by all means.
 We want that I gets a lot of experience more and more and to develop bottom line of maintenance. And we are waiting for new invention to be usable for car inspection.

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