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The staff interview bus crew

Last update date June 1, 2020

Yokohama municipal bus crew T.O.
We enter after experiencing salesmen of private enterprise in 2015.
We play an active part as bus crew of Sengencho Office now. Hobby is conquering mountain in Kanagawa by mountain climbing.

Family who pushed back as bus crew.

 Back figure of grandmother of that day is still branded on eye. I become bus crew and am the shortly after time.
 Grandmother was with by family and came on bus which I ran. I noticed over mirror immediately, but grandmother does not have such behavior, too.
 As when family finally said to grandmother that was saying "the driver is your grandchild" when went down, grandmother was surprised; "it was never revealed. Saying we were like true driver.
 It was slightly lacking not to have got noticed, but joy that had most familiar people see as professional was bigger.
 Of me to still "do my best" as for that grandmother who stooped down support.

In confidence big empty training of one-to-one.

 Originally I that there was opportunity to drive truck by business and was interested in bus, and it was to crew.

 We did the big body at first in one of eyes and were afraid with "can oneself really drive?". However, he/she always gave advice after senior of instructor who instructed empty training saw through my anxiety and hasty character. For example, when "get impatient by delay, slowly as for the guidance in the car" saying "usual 2 times perform the neighborhood and confirmation of passenger". Of such an advice of senior, for property, put on locker of office one by one, and of smartphone do to wait, and see by all means every morning.
 Thus, we were glad the other day whether driving technology improved a little when it was said that it was, "it was good by conventional driving most" toward the elderly person of regular customer used by going to hospital.

 We sit down on tail seat where gravity suffers from on various buses daringly in order to steal working technology of superior person on holiday and are learning saying "how do you prevent shaking in curve?" is saying "the inside of car information for these people is delicious".

Mission of crew to feel to be in emergency.

 Above all, it is emergency that we feel worth doing and remains in impression on day of record heavy snow of last year.
 When we were late for more than 30 minutes and arrived at bus stop while snow flung windshield, and view got narrow, while customer who placed umbrella was numb, we did line and were waiting. And "thought that was suspension. He/she was pleased to run while thinking of thank you and expression of relief.
 We realized, "own work can help citizen's everybody" again at that time. When train stopped by earthquake disaster and disaster, we intend to accomplish mission for driving technology and mind of consideration in future as it is bus that we snuggle up to civic life, and can work widely.

 We do our best in this way in grandmother, days. When it was taken, we put inconvenient grandmother of legs, and advanced age contacts. Please please see because you try to become crew trusted from anyone sometime.

The questions and answers

 Q: Healthy administration?
 A: Because of the profession, we go to the House of bonesetting regularly as waist is tired.
 Q: Atmosphere of the workplace?
 A: There was not discrimination of top and bottom and went for mountain climbing of hobby together the other day.
 Q: Common point of mountain climbing and work?
 A: Point advancing with own foot to destination and point that can help each other with friend when it is hot.
 Q: Having been glad by work?
 A: Customer coming to driver's seat from rear seat all the way, and having given thanks.

Than T.O. a word

 As sightseeing area including Yamashita Park and Sakuragicho can turn around, it is job attractive at all in liking driving.
 Reserved service of school events including excursion is fun, too.

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