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The staff interview bus crew training course

Last update date June 1, 2020

Hodogaya Office bus crew T.T.
After maintenance job in private enterprise, we enter bus crew training course in July, 2018.
We become the staff regular than January, 2019 and are playing an active part in Hodogaya Office as bus crew. Only former mechanic understands state of bus instantly, too.

Instructor trained oneself inexperienced from the beginning.

 When way of difficult place that undulated thin of Gumyoji neighborhood where the old downtown atmosphere remained was gone through by bus which ran by oneself well, we felt response saying "we are good!". It is by empty training with training course.
 Bus was felt to be narrow at first as much as the body was big, and honesty driving was scary.
 However, of instructor riding loaded the cause, each day and experience of instruction directly.
 "Stop if you think that it is dangerous. Courage to stop is necessary, "play people-watching who is on road".
 When we always predict danger according to such advice and drop speed saying it is saying "we seem to come out to that bicycle, road", after all, bicycle comes out.
 Other than ability for such danger inference, training that we were taught by service and announcement in the car in constant attendance is right my property.

To office duty, ride training and driver debut.

 It was training course that what it grew thought, "we wanted to run bus" while we touched large car by work of maintenance of previous job and challenged taking the opportunity of marriage and 30 years old was inexperienced and could aim at crew.
 Besides the training to acquire mental attitude and waiting on customers manner as public employee from the beginning, we were thankful for having gone to training school for two kinds of large-scale qualification.
 To senior "absolutely fetch license. We were scolded and were pleased to be all from there together when we got.
 And when, in the office training, we experienced until masterpiece business to collect from telephone correspondence while dragging broken bus stop, but it was valuable to have been able to realize importance of stagehand.
 Above all, we do not forget favor to instructor who instructed practical skill instruction day after day for three months after qualification.
 In fact, we were able to make driver debut thanks to the grace one week ago.
 To be frank, it was a series of strain. As for the full car, brakes are hard to work unlike empty car, and standing customer shakes when, on the contrary, we do not step on accelerator carefully. As we look around the inside of car over mirror and say, "please be careful as you shake after this" and continue concentrating consciousness, it is sweaty when we arrive at terminal.
 Call out saying such one day, customer "had good careful driving", with "is like that ken teitekudasarundana." We have days to get in driver's seat while grumbling over for heart to bus to keep days of such people saying "it is without an accident today".

Top of aim suha crew, mustard Leiber.

 The current dream is shortest, and become mustard Leiber.
 This is title that only crew with advanced service manner skills is authorized let alone no violation without an accident. As it is mask tour conductor that examines, every day play in real earnest. Although it is tough, we get "one line, and citizen's, proof of authorization wants to contribute to hat" with confidence.
 As for the job that can share time to be able to meet between eyewink that the morning sun comes in through valley only by bus with customer of building, it is good. And finally, thank you wife who pushed back when we decided change of job.
 We do our best as hard as possible to be able to help Yokohama where you were brought up.

The questions and answers

 Q: What is mustard Leiber system?
 A: It is Transportation Bureau original title system authorizing crew with advanced services skills for no violation without an accident.
 Q: Words of the boss left in impression?
 A: "We protect traffic partner". Let alone customer, we learned when we protected walker and other cars.
 Q: Tell about senior of office.
 A: He/she treats to canned coffee when we come back from boarding at cold time saying "you are warm, drink" (laugh).
 Q: In operation, is there favorite scenery?
 A: The morning sun to see from valley of building is refreshing and, at the time of in the morning's best driving, is particular.

It is a word from T.T.

As City of Yokohama, Transportation Bureau has you bear the acquisition expense of two kinds of large licenses, it is not necessary to give up without license.
Person who likes large car by all means!

Look at training course PR video that T.T. appears on by all means.

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