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The staff interview woman SPECIAL discussion

Last update date March 27, 2019

"It is great that woman runs bus"
"We become spirited when we hear announcement of woman in the morning at station".
Words of customer are our best encouragement.
Therefore we want to do in the future when driver and member of station service of more women become ordinary.
We make one step of that purpose with every effort today.

Photograph of the face and brief career history of four people

Opportunity of entrance?

K.O. (bus crew): My having become bus crew in the days of bubble burst. When we resigned as programmer and did work of sending by land, it was saw bus which woman ran and longed. We step forward so as to think that bass that driver's seat is in front than front wheel is, "you may appear so much to in front of" at the time of curve and it is mustard or cannot actually turn when we get on. Such a sense was fresh and felt, "we want to get on more".

K.Y. (bus person in charge): I who was of K.O.'s generation entered as bus guide at first. We assumed guide in interview examination and sang song. Though it is constitution to get bus sickness from the old days, we do not get drunk on work for some reason. We go from thing left behind response of the customer to diligence and indolence management of crew in office from 1998 and have days to urge crew on now.

T.K. (subway driver): Being attracted by woman conductor whom I looked at while traveling saying "is this." We left accounting department of previous job slashingly and entered. Unfortunately conductor life was over, but, by autocrat luck transformation of 2008, is driver mom now with a clean slate.

C.K. (member of station service): Carrier varies, too. I was contracted employee of private railroad company, but only examination of tickets duties were possible, and regular staff was side that saw off conductor, that we were promoted with driver. It is desired motive to have thought that it is by "wider work". We run around from home monitoring to transfer guidance now (laugh).

Feeling strength of woman by work?

C.K. (member of station service): When it got a contact with "emergency case of woman!" at station to feel strength of woman. It may be said that women are easy to introduce request, which "we want to lie down" "wants blanket" into customer.

K.Y. (bus person in charge): Besides, plan of "child uniform" for ride experience of customer Thanksgiving Day "hamarin Festa" hosted by Transportation Bureau may be fine example that it gave life to viewpoint of we woman, too. Before for adult though did not spread, just size is popular. Which "we will become driver in the future" is glad when we see figure pleased that "thank you".

K.O. (bus crew): Even event is everyday duty, but, "thank you", it is worth doing to be said. Of course it may be tough, but, "thank you", vanishes all with a word.

Child uniform photograph
Child uniform which is popular in hamarin Festa

Might it be tough?

K.Y. (bus person in charge): It is the Great East Japan Earthquake of 3.11. We danced so that bus displayed at office thought the neighbors to have possibilities to bump into each other. We prepared for soup while coping with call of customer who flooded in saying it was with "thing which it was what, or was warm" for crew who was tired, and came back. Night was long.

K.O. (bus crew): The return order was given to crew for ensuring safety on that day. On the way to garage, we remember what anyone was frustrated for on seeing line to come home on foot saying "we want to actually pick up".

T.K. (subway driver): Suspension was decided on subway for safe confirmation and was irritating.

C.K. (member of station service): Disaster prevention measures were enriched from that experience, too. When I challenged evacuation instruction position at the time of earthquake disaster by "night abnormal time training" the other day, but must do more quickly. And although we are apt to think to be safe vehicle, there is accident causing injury or death, too, and train usually thinks that there is our significance of being to protect security of customer.

K.O. (bus crew): The most so. We consider how you follow command of customer so as to wear down nerve. Therefore we learn driving technology on bus of other cars on holiday.

Driving force and aim of work?

T.K. (subway driver): It is 3-year-old child. Thank you for your continued business for "childcare reduced working hours" or "childcare leave allowance" "care leave of child" that time for drop-off and pickup to kindergarten can secure as system. Called driver what, because of the profession, only radio is usable when take once, and cannot receive contact from nursery school surely at all. But spirit spring out after trying work hard, and having come home when we see smile of child when it is when "we do".

K.O. (bus crew): My driving force is existence of son going to school of mechanic, too. When I took care of my baby, female oriented system became easy to still act very much recently though feel was in a state. In fact, our child says, "we want to enter Transportation Bureau". We must do our best for "no violation that we kept for 24 years for day to work in parent and child without an accident". Oh, yes, we think that it is, "it is like that and is happiness" when Mount Fuji looks like Bahn by first thing in the morning boarding.

K.Y. (bus person in charge): We bus person in charge from customer saying "driving was good"; of praise when call, is the gladdest. It is driving force to be pleased to tell that to crew. On the contrary, it may get ticking off "not to come at estimated time", but it is worth doing that we talk with crew about, and is improved.

C.K. (member of station service): As I have aim called driver, we can do our best. Stationmaster pushes back saying "let's not study in future". Career up has good enacted environment.

T.K. (subway driver): They become autocrat luck transformation, platform door, and the Green Line opening of business and Transportation Bureau continue greatly evolving. As it is pleasant to heap up such change period, let's work together by all means.

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