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Welfare program

Last update date June 13, 2019

 A sense of fulfilment of private is returned to work.
 Therefore we prepare for various welfare program from worker's property accumulation savings to various congratulatory gifts of money, ex gratia payments.
 Without worry of life and health, please show ability with all one's might.

To job that is easy to act on men and women. Transportation Bureau changes.

 For environment creation which is easy to act on men and women in City of Yokohama, Transportation Bureau,
 We push forward rest area renewal construction for way of working and woman who can choose duty time when it is kind to child care.

Welfare program

(1) The City of Yokohama, Transportation Bureau public welfare society
  Use such as various congratulatory gifts of money, ex gratia payments, group handling insurance, savings pension , inn or hotel of discount, discount of recreation facility, shopping discount,
  Trip (the dinner) auxiliary ticket distribution, old retired employee recognition of services travel coupon
(2) Yokohama-shi staff cooperative association
  Employee health insurance, mutual pension, leave allowance others
  Free cancer screening (eligible people accept age)
(3) Others
  Physical checkup
  Sleep apnea syndrome (SAS) screening study implementation (bus crew)
  We carry out brain dock based on medical examination result (bus crew)
  Restaurants in office (partly)

Holiday vacation

 Four weeks 8 rest (through four weeks 8th)
 Annual vacation 20th (in the case of April adoption)
 Summer holidays (5th)
 Vacation (maternity leave, parental leave, childcare participation vacation others of the male staff) to support childbirth, childcare
 Vacation (care leave, short-term care leave others) to support care

Various medical treatments

 ◇Equipped with social insurance ◇There is raise in salary ◇Commutation allowance ◇House allowance ◇Term-end allowance ◇Dependency allowance
 ◇Worker's property accumulation savings ◇Fund loan ◇The congratulations or condolence vacations
 ※It depends on official regulations

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