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Recruitment of staff for impaired people

Last update date June 16, 2020

Offer essential point

※Look at offer guidance of the lower page

The offer situation

We are not raising now.

Raise, and sort, and is going to adopt; the number of people, eligibility requirements for an examination

Offer division Is going to adopt; the number of people Eligibility requirements for an examination
Mental disabilities A few name

Person who receives grant of nursing notebook (notebook of love) or
Apply for grant by application, by the end of March, 2020
Person who receives grant

Mental disorder

Person who receives grant of mental patient health welfare notebook or
Apply for grant by application, by the end of March, 2020
Person who receives grant

Physical disability

Person who receives grant of certificate of the physically disabled or
Apply for grant by application, by the end of March, 2020
Person who receives grant

※ Application is limited to one offer division for 1 people. We cannot propose to plural offer division.
※ When it is revealed that there are not eligibility requirements for an examination in the middle of selection, we handle like renunciation.
 In addition, we cancel pass when we pass.
※ When we expire effectively by the end of March, 2020 even if we receive grant of notebook at the time of application, we do not adopt when the update is impossible.

Duty place, main duty contents

・We work in Transportation Bureau main government building (Hanasaki, Yokohama the sixth floor of the building or the seventh floor) (Takashimacho Station 5-minute walk).
 ※ We are going to move to the new city hall. We are going to move, and work location is changed from Takashimacho Station with current main government building to Sakuragicho Station at time (from April, 2020 to June).
・It is desk work assistance such as various information input with PC, transportation, assortment of email in agency, copy label making, enclosure sealing work, post office carry-on of mail, shredder, filing of the disposal document.
 ※ By the acquisition situation of duties, we may be engaged in more complicated duties.

Duty condition (※ 1)

Duty condition
The period of employment Working hours Monthly basis reward Vacation Social insurance

From April 1, 2020
Until March 31, 2021 (※ 2)

30 hours a week
(we adjust separately at day, time)
(1)From 12:00 to 13:00 are breaks
(2)Saturdays, Sundays and holidays a week and New Year holidays
 (from December 29 to January 3) is excluded

129,600 yen

(※ 3)

Annual paid vacation

Employment insurance,
Employees' Pension Insurance,
There is employee health insurance

※From 1 2020, it is going to be adopted as the appointment staff in the fiscal year of general office work by system revision (settled by decision of the regulations plan in assembly and establishment of rule concerned. ) which we tell about the details for the last passer some other time when it is settled.
  In addition, because the local government employee method is applied, it becomes adoption with condition, and conditional adoption period may be extended when 1 monthly duty days do not meet 15th after the adoption.
※When result of 2 ability proof is good, we may be appointed again without depending on open call for participants until four times of continuations.
※It is the estimated amount as of 3 January, 2020. Amount of money may be changed by system revisions. In addition, commutation allowance and term-end allowance are paid.

Application method

Documents necessary for 1 application
 (1) Selection application (please attach photograph)
 (2) Resume (please attach photograph)
 (3) Copy of notebook every division (one of notebook) of nursing notebook (love, mental patient health welfare notebook, the certificates of the physically disabled)
 (4) Composition or general article (it varies according to offer division)
2 application periods
  From Wednesday, January 22, 2020 to Friday, February 7, 2020 (effective postmark)
3 mail methods
  You put submission documents in the corner type 2 envelope (332mm in height X 240mm in width), and please mail. For postal accident prevention, please mail by simple registered mail handling by all means from the country. In addition, we cannot reply inquiry whether or not submission documents arrive. Please keep receipt at the time of simple registered mail giving in until announcement that the first selection passes.
  On the front of envelope, you do "the staff of fiscal year appointment adoption selection application documents living-in-inside" and rubrication, and please specify Address, full name of the sender by all means on the back of envelope.
4 contact, mailing address
  〒220-0022 6-145, Hanasakicho, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi Hanasaki, Yokohama building
  Person in charge of City of Yokohama, Transportation Bureau General Affairs Department personnel department personnel affairs organization staff adoption charge
  TEL: 045-326-3833 FAX: 045-322-3911
5 and others
 (1) We use submission documents for adoption selection and adoption procedure. In addition, we do not return submission documents.
 (2) Personal information to collect on examination does not do use to purpose except desk work about adoption selection and adoption at all. But we use personal information of adopter as personnel affairs information.
 (3) Please talk by Wednesday, February 26 in taking an entrance examination for the second selection in the first selection passers when consideration is necessary.

Selection method (the date and time, venue)

Selection method
Selection contents The date and time, venue We announce pass



Mental disabilities Composition During offer period, you fill out designated style, and please apply

Thursday, February 20, 2020 (plan)
Only passer notifies the first selection examinee in document.

Mental disorder

Physical disability

General article



Common Interview

Sunday, March 1, 2020 (plan)
※We notify the first selection passer of the meeting time and the details of venue separately.

Friday, March 13, 2020
11:00 a.m. (plan)
Only passer notifies the second selection examinee in document. We publish result in Transportation Bureau homepage.

※ Inquiry of the results with telephone is not accepted.

Decision of passer

Passer of 1 first selection is decided by result of the first selection.
Passer of 2 second selection is decided by result of as a result of the first selection and the second selection.
When it is revealed there not being 3 eligibility requirements for an examination or that the items mentioned of submission documents are not right, we cancel pass.

Conduct of physical checkup

Targeting at passers of the second selection, we carry out physical checkup. We notify the second selection passer of schedule and meeting place separately.

Q&A about adoption

About 1 applying to more than one school
 Are other adoption selection and applying to more than one school with the staff employment examination that Q Yokohama-shi carries out possible?
 A applying to more than one school is possible
About 2 eligibility requirements for an examination
 Can you apply even if you live any place other than Q Yokohama-shi?
 You can apply even for residence any place other than A Yokohama-shi.
About 3 selection contents
 What is Q interview?
 We perform A interview to confirm basic communicative competence or working will. By the Motoichi staff, we ask some questions.

Downloading such as offer guidance, selection application


  Person in charge of City of Yokohama, Transportation Bureau General Affairs Department personnel department personnel affairs organization adoption charge
  Address 〒 231-0005 6-50-10, Honcho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi
  TEL 045-671-3164 (weekdays from 8:45 a.m. to 5:15 p.m.)
  FAX 045-322-3911

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