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About correspondence such as service of Transportation Bureau about new coronavirus

Last update date January 20, 2021

News about service

Municipal bus

  • Peer line between Saturday, January 9 and facing between Saturday, January 9,We change driving timeWe do.
  • General route bus runs with "normal diamond".
  • As for the bus, all flights are suspended for the time being on weekdays, the middle of the night of Saturday.
  • We are suspended about temporary flight for the time being on rainy day.

※ About service of bus, please see about "service of municipal bus line accompanied with prevention of new coronavirus infection spread".

Municipal subway (January 20 update)

With emergency declaration official announcement, Blue Line Green Line carries out raising of the last train time together from Wednesday, January 20.
Look at the last train raising time (PDF: 191KB) about the time of each station.

※ Please see about "raising of the municipal subway last train time accompanied with emergency declaration official announcement" about service of subway.

The infection spread prevention

By traffic managed by Yokohama-shi, we cope based on requests from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism for the prevention of infection spread of new coronavirus as follows. In the customer of the use, I would like cooperation to the infection spread prevention such as hand-washing, gargle, a cough etiquette.

It is ... by cooperation for request - new coronavirus infectious disease prevention from City of Yokohama, Transportation Bureau

Approach by bus

  • Periodical disinfection such as around driver's seat, strap, handrail of vehicle
  • Service that we open forced ventilation of the bus inside of car and ventilation to depend to open door in origin-destination, some windows
  • We set a limit to plastic partition setting to the driver's seat circumference and some use of the forefront attendance
  • Tourist attraction tour bus installs disinfectant for customer in limousine for "red shoes" and reservations
  • Mask wearing such as bus crews
  • Hand-washing, gargle of the staff, thorough disinfection with hand disinfectants
  • Thorough health care (physical condition confirmation at the time of roll call) of the staff

You can confirm the congestion situation of running bus with your PC and smartphone. (the outside site)

Approach by subway

  • Periodical disinfection such as strap, handrail, door of vehicle
  • Disinfection that handrail is periodical escalator, banister, button of elevator other than ticket vendor and station service apparatus of the station yard
  • Disinfectant for customer is set up by customer counter in station office and customer Service Center (Center-Minami Station, Shin-Yokohama Station, Yokohama Station, Kami-Ooka Station)
  • Setting of plastic curtain to the station information desk
  • When we open and close door at station, we can ventilate uniformity in vehicle, but, by Green Line, carry out forced ventilation with air conditioner. In Blue Line, we carry out some windows open keo for ventilation in the car.
  • Use stop (for virus nonproliferation) of hand-dryer in station restroom
  • Mask wearing such as station employee or driver
  • Hand-washing, gargle of the staff, thorough disinfection with hand disinfectants
  • Thorough health care (physical condition management at the time of roll call) of the staff

To use in peace (video)


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