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The municipal management traffic 100th anniversary

Last update date July 23, 2020

On April 1, 2021, traffic managed by Yokohama-shi reaches the 100th anniversary. We moved forward with the town of Yokohama and citizen's all of you through streetcar, bus, service of subway from 1921 to today. We put thanks for past 100 years and step forward to new one step for next 100 years.

About history of municipal traffic

As for the history of municipal traffic, please see this.

About logo mark catch phrase of the 100th anniversary

Logo mark

It is easy to understand what familiar vehicle invites 100 years to and expresses pictogram of subway and bus which citizen's all of you see well in combination with 100 letters smartly. Through this mark, we improve "security is comfortable surely" of municipal traffic and show thought to aim at irreplaceable existence for customer.
All the staff wears this pimbajji from April, 2020 and publicize.

Catch phrase

With the town of Yokohama until now from this.

Municipal traffic supported development of the town of Yokohama and grew up with town. For coming 100 years, we put wish to want to continue being "foot of citizen's all of you".

PR video

With the town of Yokohama until now from this.

"Traffic 100 years story managed by Yokohama-shi"

HAG (the handmade animation grand prix) 2019 Yokohama prize transport sector prize winner
It is work of Yosuke Tani who won Yokohama Prize transport sector with contest of short animation for the purpose of upbringing, support of young animation writer, "HAG (the handmade animation grand prix) 2019".
Producer: tani*kai/production cooperation: Robot

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