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Mobile Suica toward the use

It is guide toward the use by municipal bus with mobile Suica.

Last update date July 8, 2019

About mobile Suica

Mobile Suica is service that JR East which can use mobile devices such as your smartphones like Suica provides.
As for the inquiries about service such as general usage or model change, please see mobile Suica homepage.

About bus commuter pass with mobile Suica

You can purchase only the whole line commuter pass (commuting, attending school, senior pass) at mobile Suica.
The release place is bus office (except Kohoku, Tsurumi, Isogo), municipal bus commuter pass release place, customer Service Center.
In addition, please note that you cannot purchase at municipal subway Station.
※The purchase results or commuter pass information are not displayed on the terminal. You carry IC commuter pass contents reserve to hand at the time of the purchase, and please use bus.
※We cannot move commuter pass which enrolled in mobile Suica to Suica card and PASMO card.

About ride of bus with mobile Suica

It is available like normal Suica card.
※As position of reading department varies according to mobile devices, please touch carefully.
※When plural cards are registered in terminal, please set card which you want to use before ride. We can still less know setting method in the authorities.

Hit bus in particular

Use of bus privilege service (bus *) is available with mobile Suica.
As you cannot confirm point and ticket on terminal, come to municipal bus commuter pass sale window when confirmation is hoped for.

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