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You can purchase municipal bus whole line commuter pass with ticket vendor of municipal subway

Last update date April 19, 2019

  1. Business day: Every day
  2. Business hours: First train - 23:00
  3. The handling format: PASMO, Suica
  4. The release ticket class: Municipal bus whole line commuter pass, bus subway contact commuter pass
  5. Payment method: Hama eco-card, cash

※We cannot purchase paper ticket, magnetic ticket, mobile Suica, one credit type card with ticket vendor.
※The commuter pass purchase with charge iron in IC card is not possible
※When you purchase by Hama eco-card, please use Hama eco-card-adaptive ticket vendor.
※Of attending school commuter pass cannot purchase with subway station ticket vendor newly as or continuation commuter pass at the time of grade change needs the presentation such as certificates. Please buy in station office.
※We cannot purchase senior pass and common commuter pass at subway station. Please use commuter pass release window.
List of commuter pass release windows is this

Example of the purchase operation

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