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Bus whole line commuter pass

The whole line commuter pass of municipal bus can have all lines (except red shoes) take.

Last update date October 1, 2019

Rate of bus commuter pass

Rate of bus commuter pass
DivisionCommuting commuter passAttending school commuter pass (more than junior high student)Attending school commuter pass (primary schoolchild or younger)
Term of validityOne monthThree monthsSix monthsOne monthThree monthsSix monthsOne monthThree monthsSix months
RateThe whole line commuter pass9,90028,22053,4606,92019,72037,3702,2306,36012,040
Documents necessary for the purchaseUnnecessary
  • The presentation of either following certificate is necessary at the time of at the time of the new purchase and the first continuation purchase that reached new school year.
  • In the case of the purchase with mobile PASMO, please purchase after the purchase reservation from the mobile PASMO application top to mobile PASMO support center.

[junior high student or younger]
Identification card (health insurance card, student identification card) to understand of the date of birth
[more than high school student]
Attending school certificate or student identification card
●Only school, subject that technical school, correspondence school received authorization of Transportation Bureau is object of the release.
About the release authorization of attending school commuter pass
●It releases common commuter pass after confirmation at the time of the release between school districts of attending school certificate or student identification card mention.
●Bus, subway contact commuter pass assumes the handling mentioned above only about bus commuter pass part, and student identification card listed use of subway section in or attending school certificate is necessary for subway commuter pass part.

Bearer-style presence (※ 1)XX
Presence (※ 2) with fraction dayX
Environmental commuter pass system

Person having commuter pass of municipal bus can use environmental commuter pass system.

As for body, the mentally-disabled person, it is discount systemIt is 30% discount of the rate mentioned above. Please see page of person with a disability discount system.

※About 1 bearer type
It is commuter pass which anyone can use with one piece. Rate is naming and the same amount.
※About with 2 fractions day
Attending school commuter pass extends until a maximum of 29 days and can purchase. It is convenience including case to enter summer vacation in spring vacation.


  • We can have special system (anti-kilometer section), Yokohama transportation development service line (61, 70, 117 systems) take with the whole line commuter pass.
  • You use the whole line commuter pass or show to late-night bus on ride, and please pay rate for 1 ride separately.
  • In the case of the use, municipal subway is advantageous, tooBus, subway contact commuter passWe can have you buy this.
  • Bus of other companies can take in the use section, tooCommon commuter pass (we include special system, anti-kilometer section system)When we are assigned to this, please see this. In addition, we cannot purchase common commuter pass at subway station.Commuter pass release windowPlease use this.
  • Municipal bus short distance commuter pass finished the release on March 16, 2018.

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