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Senior pass

Senior pass is municipal bus whole line commuter pass which is advantageous for people 65 years or older.

Last update date October 1, 2019

Available section

It is available by the municipal bus whole line and Yokohama transportation development bus (61.70.117 system).
※Municipal subway, tourist attraction tour bus cannot take "red shoes" and bath of other companies.

Method for purchase

Available person

People 65 years or older
(if it is 65 years old at the time of) on (use start date on the currency start date, the prior purchase before birthday is possible, too.)

The release period

It is new and can purchase continuation together for 14 days.

Required documents

In the case of the new purchase

  • Indenture (driver's license, health insurance card, personal number card (resident registry card), passport effective now) which age can identify
  • Only the person can purchase.
  • PASMO, Suica (thing which we do not use as bus commuter pass of other companies) of usual times errand
  • You cannot purchase with mobile PASMO.
When it is not holdings with PASMO, Suica, we issue PASMO newly at the release window. (it takes deposit charges 500 yen separately from commuter pass charges)
Please use some memory cards and card on this occasion another in commuter pass not having possibilities to be available with one credit card type.

In the case of the continuation purchase

  • Take senior pass currently using. Indenture is unnecessary.
  • Even substitute person can purchase.

The amount of release

Senior pass list of charges
Three months ticket19,720 yen
Six months ticket37,370 yen
  • There is no release of ticket for one month.
  • There is no discount such as people with a physical disability.

The release window

Bus office, municipal bus commuter pass release place, customer Service Center
※You cannot purchase at subway station office, ticket vendor. List of release windows is this

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