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Bus common commuter pass

On line of other companies and some lines running side by side, it releases common commuter pass. As section and system are appointed as for this commuter pass, we cannot use line except designation. You can take bus with indication of common commuter pass handling car.

Last update date August 11, 2020

Common commuter pass agreement section

Common commuter pass agreement section
System NoSection that enforces common commuter passCommon agreement company name
23The Aobadai Station - Wakabadai centerTokyu
40The Nagatsuta station square - Wakabadai centershinnachu
44(83)Yokohama-sta.-nishiguchi ... east spring TeramaeSotetsu
56Kamoi station square - Takeyama housing complex lapel groundshinnachu
62The Yokohama-sta.-nishiguchi - 1,000-maru stand meeting placeshinnachu
90Nakayama Station north exit - Aobadai StationTokyu
119The Kamoi station square - Kamoi station square (Niimachi circulation)shinnachu
Kamoi station square - hoshogakukozen
305Slope of Nakayama Station north exit - shellfishTokyu

  • 40 systems become anti-kilometer section system.
  • Common commuter pass of 301 systems, 306(305) system finished the release on June 30, 2017.
  • Common commuter pass of 94 systems finished the release on March 16, 2018.

Rate of common commuter pass

Common commuter pass list of charges
DivisionCommuting commuter passAttending school commuter pass
(more than junior high student)
Attending school commuter pass
(primary schoolchild or younger)
Term of validityOne monthThree monthsOne monthThree monthsOne monthThree months

Flat rate section

Special system
Anti-kilometer section
180 yen section8,01022,8305,60015,9602,0805,930
220 yen section9,90028,2206,92019,7202,2306,360
Documents necessary for the purchaseUnnecessaryWhen you have the new purchase (the first purchase after or school year changes) of attending school commuter pass, you show student identification card, or please submit attending school certificate which school issues.
※When we purchase attending school commuter pass in end of the fiscal year, commuter pass more than April 30 cannot purchase neither entering further education, promotion case.
※In the case of commuter pass for training, please purchase after checking page of commuter pass for training.
Bearer-style presence (※ 1)XX
Presence (※ 2) with fraction dayX
Environmental commuter pass systemPerson having common commuter pass can use environmental commuter pass system.XX
As for body, the mentally-disabled person, it is discount systemIt is 30% discount of the rate mentioned above. Please see page of person with a disability discount system.

About common commuter pass, it does not release commuter pass for six months.
※About 1 bearer type
It is commuter pass which anyone can use with one piece. Rate is naming and the same amount.
※About 2 fraction dates
Attending school commuter pass extends until a maximum of 29 days and can purchase. It is convenience including case to enter summer vacation in spring vacation.

System and fare of special system (anti-kilometer section)

◆40 systems: Wakabadai center - Nagatsuta Station

40 system fare tables (adult)
Adult IC card
Cash The Nagatsuta station square 178 220
180 In front of park 220
220 220 The Wakabadai center

40 system fare tables (children)
Children IC card
Cash The Nagatsuta station square 89 110
90 In front of park 110
110 110 The Wakabadai center

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