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About the handling of certificate at the time of the city busing commuter pass purchase (new coronavirus correspondence)

About the release of municipal bus attending school commuter pass at the time of at the time of promotion and new entrance to school, we relax requirements of necessary certificate (attending school certificate or student identification card) on the release in consideration of influence of temporary closure of a school accompanied with this new coronavirus infection spread temporarily.

Last update date May 1, 2020

About validity of certificate

We consider that validity of the certificate concerned is extended and release attending school commuter pass only when we can confirm that we are at school secondary to authorized school when we correspond to (1)(2) either next.
(1) When we do not receive grant of effective certificate or extension of validity of certificate in the new year
(2) When validity of certificate which already caught grant expires
※About common commuter pass, proof between school districts is necessary, too, but releases like the above even if expiration date of certificate between school districts expires when we can confirm attendance at school.

The handling period

For the time being


・About photograph to attach on certificate, it is decided that we can omit for the time being.
・It releases "even identity verification documents (health insurance cards) which age understands" about junior high student or younger conventionally. (common commuter pass is excluded.)

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