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Promenade 5-8 of history

Last update date July 13, 2018

From daigoshosokakeri keno way along Nagatani River

Signpost of busokokukyohyoji of eight Serigayas

Topographical record map
Enlarged picture (image: 64KB)

There is prefectural Japanese parsley incense Hospital to the left when you go approximately 400 meters from three-way intersection (map 1) in front of garage near bus stop Serigaya to the north, and we compromise with the right, and there is jikuserigaya Hospital (map 2) more in approximately 200 meters of depths. This neighborhood is Fukumoto vineyard trace which was ever said "to be place that deserves to be refined pleasure place of the day most for Yokohama without showing example to the industry having world various grape trees, and it being.". This owner, Yoshiro Fukumoto study viticulture in the United States and acted for realization with ideal that we want to do own home town Nagano whole village in grape village, but it is said that we closed in recession of the economic world. We cannot find big tree of crape myrtle which Himalayan cedar and red flower that aged person talks bloom even if we ask the sign now. But there is emptiness like spring night dream.

There is way of boundary with Minami Ward when we climb slope to the west. Furthermore, signpost (map 3) of erection is at 1-15, Serigaya in 1748 (Kanen 1) when we go to nearly 400 meters south. Amitabha is had kokuzo of in the front "right Musashi Sagami boundary way" by right side, and there is "Gumyoji way" in the left aspect with "left Tozuka way". This signpost is appointed in Yokohama-shi registration cultural assets in 1988. In "border, the boundary lasts over mountain and it is share or shines, and there is in water right and left on mountain to "forming anew Musashi" with flow raku chiruomotte, current ru boundary or water run boundary and call beri", but we finish duty that spread on way of this busokokukyo where ancient divided Tokaido and Tosando into by much culture and are just lying calmly here. When we stand in front of this signpost and look back toward trip of "topographical record of the roadside" which began in Kami-Ooka Station, we are impressed by colorfulness that Konan Ward has and will be that some thought comes and goes on chest.

"Topographical record of what the roadside to ask" for (revised edition) was issued in October, 1999 by editing of "history society of Konan".

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