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Promenade 5-5 of history

Last update date July 13, 2018

From daigoshosokakeri keno way along Nagatani River

Five Shinmei Corporation and Hannyaji

Topographical record map
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Near the bus stop of middle Nagatani, leveling pole indicating Shinmei Corporation (map 2) stands when we go ahead through way (map 1) of Nagatani riverside to the Hirato area. Shinmei company at this 2-32, Shimonagaya is old village shrine, and enshrined deity is the Sun-Goddess. Origin of the new car foundation is unclear, but it is said that go*ho* does no status Corporation such as Yahata Corporation, Hakusan Corporation, Serigaya-ten jinja Shrine by discussion of parishioner in (1909) August in 1909 and maintained shrine. Goddess of Mercy's seven transformations is laid in state on the right side, and there is various masonry such as seinansembotsukoregunjinkorehi in solid god of the Grand Earth tower, 1879 (Meiji 12) in travelers' guardian deity (multi-body Buddha), the same year in statue of King Akira Fudo of 1826 (Bunsei 9), 1836 (Tenpo 7) when we climb stone stairway through groves such as ilex Carpinus tschonoskii of Yokohama-shi designated fragrant wood of high quality Furuki.

In addition, there is no quantity mountain Hannyaji (map 3) of the Shingon Buddhism when we go ahead 300 meters from entrance of Shinmei Corporation to the Hirato area. There is stone tablet with a Buddhist text of 1361 (Enbun 6) here. In the name of an era of the north morning being engraved into stone tablet with a Buddhist text of Nagatani district as well as Hannyaji, Tadayoshi Ashikaga does sannai* with feudal tenure so that there is to 95 pages of "history of Konan" right after the Kamakura Shogunate fell down, and it seems that the founder of Takuma Uesugi has whether it is thing and what which were given benefit as the lord of a manor of Akiba village (Totsuka Ward) relation. In addition, this temple is listed in "forming anew Sagami" saying "we do Hannyaji no quantity mountain and issue su, the old belief Shingon Buddhism, bushukyuryokigundaidemmurahigashifukujimatsu, Amitabha with principal idol.", but, according to this temple book top book, there is the foundation with 1502 (Bunki 2) and attracts attention as we almost share time with grave goods which we excavated from cremation grave discovered in the case of remains investigation in lord mansion (map 4) of adjoining land in this generation.

"Topographical record of what the roadside to ask" for (revised edition) was issued in October, 1999 by editing of "history society of Konan".

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