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Promenade 5-2 of history

Last update date July 13, 2018

From daigoshosokakeri keno way along Nagatani River

Two Iyo roots (that sleep)

Topographical record map
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There is tenshinsan**intenteriji (map 1) of Soto sect in the west side when we leave torii of Nagatani Tenman-gu Shrine. It was said that feudal lord Tadashi Takuma wealth (Uesugi Daisuke Jibu) invited the fourth sentence dragon chief bonze of a temple of virtue old man temple of Kawakamicho, Totsuka-ku as for the foundation in 1582 (Tensho 10) and erected, and thereafter it was other this temple of Tenjin Corporation. Principal idol is 11 Goddess of Mercy tree sedentary images called bank group product. The place name around a certain Nagano Elementary School is called "Iyo root" (map 2) to approximately 100 meters from **in to the north.

There is and, according to "forming anew Sagami", supposes the site of castle of fujiharajokoku "which does castle in Nagatani village, and built Nagatani Tenman-gu Shrine by divine message of oracle dream" with here "Iyo root" and "Japan castle system" saying "we say that there is this designation if Tenjin Shinto priest, thing residence seshi trace called Iyo are the old days". And it is thought that the place name of "Iyo root" happened as kokenho of jokoku gave its Iyo. It is unknown whether it is house trace without concrete excavation. However, among horseshoe-shaped hills, the south exit is open, and there is thing letting castle for Kamakura period imagine before in the topography which Nagatani river (map 3) functioning as suikutsu drifts to.

In addition, from place saying, "it might be house of military commander who Tenman-gu Shrine and hill country of **in which fujiharajokoku founded leave circular moat for the outskirts, and there is cut level ground, and leaves remains of an ancient structure of castle for top, and is related to Takuma." to "Japanese castle system", Takuma Uesugi does "Iyo root" with everyday house, and it is thought even if we did Tenjinyama (map 4) with "castle of tsume" (Honjo for battle). In addition, Nagano Elementary School has stone tablet with a Buddhist text of signature in 1356 (north morning 1356). There is kosaruto (map 5) of signature near by in 1776 (Anei 5), too.

"Topographical record of what the roadside to ask" for (revised edition) was issued in October, 1999 by editing of "history society of Konan".

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