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Promenade 4-7 of history

Last update date July 13, 2018

Way under Chapter 4 Kamakura

Cornerstone of seven mounds

Topographical record map
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There is kosaruto (signpost) (map 1) in three-way intersection (2480, Nobacho) when you go approximately 500 meters from pure belief temple to the south, and "maggot way left aspect can read "right Kamakura way" and carved letter left gu mi" in right side. There is rural scenery peculiar to upper Noba, and hydrangea which blooms to get out in the rainy season is particularly bright around here. Furthermore, there is way of gloomy grove even in noon to take way to the west, and to appear in the back of Koyamadai junior high school when we just advance. It may become feeling coming across vision of mounting a horse warrior if we walk trace of this "sokakeri keno way" (map 2).

We take way to the south and see Morai river (map 3) to meander through in step and field of vision changes suddenly when we go ahead through mountain path and appears in new residential area. Noba Mitsuya-cho Park is in Susono of this nearby high hill. Cornerstone (map 4) of mound stands in the inside where the trees and plants of side grew thick in secret. It is said that we moved what there was on hill of one Danjo originally in occasion of creation construction. In the case of the Odawara-jo Castle fall, maiden name Yoshimoto (Usui) lived in seclusion to enemy in ko ruo Kiyoshi shitosezu, village of Noba in July, 1590 (Tensho 18), and origin of monument sighed for uphill far west Odawara on this peak in morning and evening, but died as we could not carry out will of revival. It is said that place where we buried coffin by will for the west is site of this mound. It is said that the sea of Odawara was seen on day when this highest peak is approximately 96 meters, and it was fine.

In addition, it was water source of Morai River, and this peak including Noba Mitsuya-cho Park was ever the starting point of way of busokokukyo and divided "sokakeri keno way" as intersection of Kanai (existing Hinominami), Noba, Kosugaya-mura. In addition, we arrive at Kajigaya Park (map 5) when we go over cyclic Route 3. We belonged to Kajigaya-mura (Sakae Ward) before development according to the name here. "Japanese castle system" says that there was fort of *denhidarieimon on plateau of busokokukyo including the best park in Hara from this neighborhood.

"Topographical record of what the roadside to ask" for (revised edition) was issued in October, 1999 by editing of "history society of Konan".

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