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Promenade 4-5 of history

Last update date March 4, 2019

Way under Chapter 4 Kamakura

House of five Kanson Arahata foster parents

Topographical record map
Map 4,5,6,7,8

Topographical record map
Map 1,2,3

Maruyamadai and "lower way" of boundary of Noba (map 1) toward east and west are doing figure according to established theory, "Kamakura way is stick way." (stretch) from signal of north Nagasaku along the main stream of Morai River. If we limit in Konan Ward and say, in Kamakura way, there are many ways which did dart shape flight of wild geese in riverside or river than ridge way. With house brought up as foster child around Amaya Ohashi (map 2) which became sparse in the house through bottom, Kanson Arahata who lasted before the war in postwar period, and played an active part as socialism thinker (map 3). It is said that we trace memory in foster parent longing alone and visited Noba after ghost town born as caterer of Eirakucho, Minami-ku in 1887 (Meiji 20) becomes foster child and we are 5 years old and were taken over in the birthplace.

From now on, there is path leaving feature of Kamakura ancient road covered by huge tree, but I am sorry for what will disappear for highway construction soon. As around here administrative office is controlled urbanization zone, it is place where figure of child doing having a swim in a river and natural firefly are seen in.

We look at the ruins of Iijima-jo Castle (map 4) on the right hand and face with three-way intersection when we further advance. There are solid god of the Grand Earth tower (map 5) and kosarukyoyoto of 1678 (Enpo 6) in the grass (1707, Nobacho) of the front. There is the west long hospital trace (map 6) near. Stone stairway glittering to stone tablet with a Buddhist text and moss of 1361 (Enbun 6) strongly impresses with abandoned temple. We reach pure belief temple (map 7) if we take way to the left hand. "Lower way" advancing to the right can see kosaruto (signpost) (map 8) worn in temple in approximately several hundred meters ahead from three-way intersection. This way passed through Kosugaya-mura and, moreover, we passed through Mt. Hanare from Kasama and, across weasel river, reached Kamakura.

"Topographical record of what the roadside to ask" for (revised edition) was issued in October, 1999 by editing of "history society of Konan".

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