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Promenade 4-4 of history

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Way under Chapter 4 Kamakura

Seki-jo Castle (cough) trace of four Noba

Topographical record map
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Yoshimori Wada is informed by the whole area of Noba housing complex (map 6) as there was fort called Seki-jo Castle that constructed a castle, but, as for the reliable information proving this, nothing never exists. But we assume the neighborhood of Chuo Park hill in the south of Yokohama Noba post office main enclosure trace (map 7) to "Japanese castle system". The old place name around here includes valley moat (overcharge), Fukada, Matoba (matoba), Miyakubo (miyanokubo), and, also, the place name of Noba is thought about even if it is old and was parade ground of Kamakura samurai from "field ground" and place that we wrote.

Seki-jo Castle did Morai river (map 8) which flowed through the north from the west with water jump of nature, and, in the south, Fukada (damp area map 9), east Miyakubo were places of kutsusetsu and strong position among water jumps (and the area of current play Suichi is swamp place map 10 considered to have been one of the water sources of Morai River branch). Structure of this castle is representative fort in ward under the pretense of plateau posture with bamboo grass Xiacheng of Yatsu posture. In addition, after Yoshimori Wada defeating people who shut themselves up in Seki-jo Castle in Zaimokuza, and dying, and having done at the time of revolt of Wada of 1213 (Kenpo 1), according to the legend, we meet Hojo group, and it is said that we fell after siege (roujo) with Chikahira Izumi (chikahira) who made cause of this revolt for 20 days. Several houses of Wada family name called progeny of the Wada clan are in upper Noba.

In addition, it is thought that there is background where it laid such a tradition that there are the whole families of Sanehira Dohi considered to have been related to rule of sannai* (we carry among mountains) including place of Noba and record that "20 people of Yamauchi" did uchishi as Wada to "Azuma mirror". Furthermore, revolt of Wada is not simple power struggle for another view, and it is said that it was plot plan for the Shogunate inside collapse of rear Toba retired emperor. As sannai* took one end of economical base of immatsurigoto as the House of Article 8 territory, meaning that Seki-jo Castle legend has according to this theory is heavy and is deep in those days.

"Topographical record of what the roadside to ask" for (revised edition) was issued in October, 1999 by editing of "history society of Konan".

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