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Promenade 4-3 of history

Last update date March 4, 2019

Way under Chapter 4 Kamakura

Village of lower Noba with three gates of a tenement house style

Topographical record map
Map 4

Topographical record map
Map 1,2,3,5

We can enter village of green dark lower Noba of another world with the urban noise when we push forward step as if sailing up branch of Morai River (map 1). Gate of a tenement house style which is right here (map 2) reminds me of architecture of last years of Edo era. We go to the gate, and, in the way of "hand of key" form, appearance of Furuki such as posture of continuing gate with a gable roof or plum, Japanese nutmeg which, moreover, were planted in grounds keeps feature of village headman mansion in days of yore to thing and reason, gate of a tenement house style to defend residence.

We pass there and see stone stairway of Shoo temple (map 3) when we cross bridge on the right hand. "Stone tablet with a Buddhist text of 1329 (Karyaku 4)" in this temple is written down in "forming anew Sagami" and, also, is Yokohama-shi registration cultural assets. There is lower Noba in direction of excellent (we have beef) from Seki-jo Castle, and it is approximately thought with Seki Kizuki-jo Castle even if this district was important point of onimonchimmamori because there is stone tablet with a Buddhist text sharing the times.

Furthermore, on uphill way of Shinmei Corporation (map 4), "silverberry and maggot rise" in right side if we advance, and "Kamakura rises" in the left aspect and can find "upper noba village" and kosaruto (signpost) and god of the Grand Earth tower in carved 1789 to base in the grass. Pure belief Terawaki of upper Noba understood this ancient morality near the main enclosure of Seki-jo Castle. In addition, before slant of Shoo temple, there are the crossroads to Okita way (map 5). It was said that this way was made in the Meiji 30s, but knew near blue aspect Kongo tower and Suwa garden monument at 4, Hino. We named here "garden entrance which went out of power" on the Yoshihara side.

"Topographical record of what the roadside to ask" for (revised edition) was issued in October, 1999 by editing of "history society of Konan".

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