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Promenade 4-2 of history

Last update date July 13, 2018

Way under Chapter 4 Kamakura

Around two Morai (horse is rough) rivers

Topographical record map
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Morai River flowing near the one of Kami-Nagaya Station (map 1) is famous for tradition that Masako Hojo washed horse here in the Kamakura era so that there is "forming anew Sagami" in clause of Nagatani Uemura saying "it streams down that kan kick, fukusankan ... Kamakura Furumichi modify the Morai Kawaminami north and do, and to wash horse by this flow at the time, and to do if there is this name". Moreover, (C) way along Nagatani river (map 3) was high office of traffic to intersect, and ancient road where this neighborhood passed through Maruyamadai from "way (map 2) under Kamakura" via boundary of (A) Nagatani and Noba and the (B) Higiriyama area was oasis again suitable as weasel river of foreign land of Kamakura and way station of Gumyoji. There is waterfall in the upper reaches of Morai River, and the basin of a waterfall was handy washing space, but it disappears by river repair, and there is not now.

It is regretted that stone Buddhist statue which was ever near the forked road with "way under Kamakura" and the lower Noba area was lost. In addition, there is much tradition about Masako Hojo (titled lady), and we have what kind of relation, or, as for the place name of titled lady in upper Noba, it is not revealed that it is mysterious on this "lower way", but there is well called water (well) of General nun makeup while, moreover, wooden statue of General nun own shadow who is informed as Gumyoji where Masako put faith to as prayer place of Genji, Masako in johasuji of Idogaya carved climbing rock shortage (char) slope of 69, Iwaicho, Hodogaya-ku. When this is because "lower way" was regarded as important in direction of unlucky direction for the Shogunate, the possession ground (the makeup territory) of Masako is said to be body which there was, but it is not revealed that we are reliable.

"Topographical record of what the roadside to ask" for (revised edition) was issued in October, 1999 by editing of "history society of Konan".
※We publish according to mention of the original text.

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