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Promenade 3-8 of history

Last update date July 13, 2018

Kamakura ancient morality along the Chapter 3 Hino River

Five-ring tower of eight Misono (miso) King

Topographical record map
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When we finish going down slope along outer wall of memorial hall and take way in alley of the left hand, small small shrine is established, and tower of wonderful Olympics is built to the inside the garden left hand of individual's house of the most door 2-12 depths. The height of the tower ticked away stone of quality of near soft sandstone in 105 centimeters, yellowish white thought to be Kamakura stone. Sanskrit characters are marked on all sides. Diameter of underground wheel holding the world is 51 centimeters. Age of zoritsu is unknown, but possesses characteristic of the Kamakura era clearly. However, unfortunately strong, dry wind ring of top is lost. When we levelled embankment of mansion for the Taisho period, it is said that it was dug from the root of big Enoki.

Tower of these Olympics considered to be largest is called "five-ring tower of King Misono" (map 5) in Yokohama-shi, but is missing about person named King Misono. There seemed to be genealogy which expressed connection with King Misono in maeni, this house, but seemed to be missing with lending another house and being deceived. In any case, judging from solid personality that this five-ring tower has, it is supposed that this "King Misono" was people in considerable position.

This five-ring tower is near the big tree of wonderful zelkova having cover employee currently, but legend concerning this is left for this house. We were said with "1,000 cups of omasum vermilion golden the morning sun the setting sun which shined on hill which glistened". As human bone came out when we dug secretly before, it was on friendly terms and held a service and seemed to bury again. In addition, in this house, there is God "Akiba University honorific title of a Japanese god" of fire prevention that is rare for stone Buddhist statue.

"Topographical record of what the roadside to ask" for (revised edition) was issued in October, 1999 by editing of "history society of Konan".

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